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I used to be so grateful when a guy liked me. So thankful he had put his attention on me. Until one day, I grew up and became a bit more discerning. I realized that I have a say in who I let into my life. That they should be so lucky to be inside me and a part of my world. Just because they were skinny or stylish or just, well, a dude- didn’t mean they were the be all, end all. just because they were men, and spending time with me, didn’t mean they were gods and that i had to be appreciative of the fact that they chose me. me! i don’t know exactly WHEN i realized that I’m just as important as i thought they were, but I’m so happy that day came! it’s changed me forever and for that i am grateful! Unfortunately, I really love make outs- so I still made out a ton after i had this epiphany! But at least it was much more thought out and i was the one doing the choosing.

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  1. quite possibly the best advice you have ever given, alexi.

  2. Guys can use this advice too, to be honest.

  3. This morning i stayed in bed and read all your old blogs (again) for hours. You were such an amazing place to turn to if i felt fucked up, alone, ugly and as if everyone around me hated me / would obviously think i was one heck of a weirdo/crazy/ugly/no fun of a human being. Everytime i was in that place, i would go to your blog and there you were, writing a personal piece that i could relate to and it (you!) maked me feel beter and not alone. What im trying to say is, i miss your personal stories.. Please start writing and posting them again more.. If you feel like it..and have time.. But really.. Please..

  4. OMG I really needed to hear this 🙂 thanks alexi ! I think I was falling into the whole “he noticed me so now hes the best2 kind of fase you know ?
    By the way I have a poetry blog if you want to check out (or not :p)

  5. It is sort of tragic that this revelation did not come sooner, Nevertheless, you cannot be blamed by your less than lackluster upbringing which did not provide , Nevertheless, you cannot be blamed by your less than lackluster upbringing which did not provide you with the resources to sharpen and shorten your learning curve so your whole learning process was trial by fire OUCH!, OUCH!, OUCH!.
    Though you have on your quest a considerable amount of distance to travel in terms of the mastership of social and interpersonal refinement the fact that you have realized that as a woman you hold the higher ground is a monumental milestone. Secondly, you have begun to like and respect yourself more. You as a woman have always been on a pedestal, you either did not realize it or you kept knocking yourself lower and/or off due to your thoughts and actions, but the end all is, the woman by default hold the higher ground and in doing so holds an unbelievable biological sexual power.
    The reality is such, she chooses her mate, she can have babies (men are jealous because they can’t) and as consequence decide the destiny of subsequent generations. Now that you realize that you have a podium, what are the commitments to yourself and others that form your podiums foundation. it is usually easy to start out with three and call it the tripod. Whatever they are, thats for you to decide. Remember with great powers come great responsibility. The Uber Frauline is in you!
    Peaceful & Lovable
    Dr. Dan

  6. I didn’t know you could get a girl to like you just by choosing her! I always thought it was this complex, meshing of personalities. I’m gonna get to work!

  7. Thank you Alexi for your words and thoughts. I feel like I need to have the same ‘epiphany’. I believe I have self respect and am a quality, whole hearted person. But i still feel like that when men/boys come into my life and spend time with me- ie, like omg they want to spend time with me, me!!

    Reading your post has reminded me what kind of person I want to be and project to people in my life and for this I truly thank you.

    Miss Lake from Down Under

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