BLOG » Jane Fonda Interviews: #ImportantForGirlsToWatch #MerryChristmas

2 Responses to “Jane Fonda Interviews: #ImportantForGirlsToWatch #MerryChristmas”

  1. oh! Jane Fonda is a true muse. I learned a lot how really become a woman reading her books and interview and that interview in the conversation with Amanda De Cadenet it’s fantastic too!

  2. What a profound way of life to live when you can keep it as real as Fonda! Love her! Definite role model for any woman but she especially resonates with me because I’m moving onto phase II of my life.. Being middle aged is sort of like beginning young adulthood. Not in a “mid-life crisis” way but in the way that your are putting to rest one chapter of your life and embarking on a maturity of a whole other level!

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