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for a second i was in love. it was really real. it was intense. i was in a safe pocket. we had created a world where only the two of us existed. we were in the bubble. that’s a term i use when i’m referring to a love bubble: a space that exists only for the two people who are madly in love with one another. it’s invisible, but you can feel it… at least the two people inside of it can. it surrounded us. we were safe in its protection, until it burst. while we were in the bubble, whether near or far, we checked in with one another. we were so connected. he mattered to me. i mattered to him. such an extreme sense of belonging. now there’s an opening where he used to be. my vagina. just kidding. how dare you. too easy. one day maybe i won’t make those obvious misogynist jokes. but i’m my father’s daughter, so it’s difficult. anyways, there’s a metaphoric opening. now i wander alone again. yeah, my life is full with friends and goals and work and hobbies and projects. but there’s always time and room for the kind of love i just lost. until then, i’ll stay busy, until i’m lucky enough to live in the bubble again. xx

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  1. Feeling so sad without my bubble and co-bubbler. This is exactly how I feel and have felt for awhile. Thanks for posting – I don’t feel so alone knowing you share the same thoughts and experiences. I hope you get back into the bubble aoob. Xoxo

  2. Soon not aoob whatever that means

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