the blind leading the blind (part 114):

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1. when you’ve hit rock bottom and haven’t been on a date or kissed someone in what seems like FOREVER, just do THIS: stick your index finger and your middle finger in your vadge and then rub those fingers on your neck like perfume. good luck/YOU’RE WELCOME #pheromones

2. not worrying about your weight makes you gain weight, but worrying about your weight make you gain even MORE weight.

3. for me, the most important thing a guy can do in a relationship is hold my attention and keep me interested. #rare

4. you want to know how to age well? don’t smoke, don’t do coke, eat kale, stay out of the sun, and don’t be afraid of aging.

5. texting with someone every day is not the same as talking to them everyday. talking to them everyday means telephone calls. Don’t let the future & technology ruin the intricacies and romantic aspects of our culture and take away intimacy.

6. please don’t pick out the crust of your eye and then roll it off the tips of your fingers while you’re in public and talking to someone. it’s fucking disgusting. or at least don’t do it around ME. i always have this horrible fear that YOUR eye crust is gonna end up in MY mouth!

7. this summer is all about: coconut water/pellegrino/feeling good in your bathing suit no matter how bad you look/vor-mag rosewater/going to the beach/being in a swimming pool/and not being an asshole who uses an affected voice: ie baby voice, la publicist voice. you know what i mean.

8. you should have known he was completely wrong for you the minute he told you how much he loves “Soul Cycle”.

9. people are fucking gross! me included… but like WAY less so.

10. there’s nothing more passive aggressive than the ‘huh?’ text response.



there’s a freedom in emailing…


email exchange with my handsome, platonic male friend. he caught me in a moment. i’m usually having a moment. my whole life is a moment. 

me: i think maybe every guy I’ve dated this year has been a rebound of a rebound of a rebound. A series of 2 month stints that go nowhere….I’m just uninspired/not fascinated by the men i date lately and too self aware/aware in general for my own good. I wonder if u and i were bf and gf if we’d cheat on and/or kill each-other.

him: yes I’d drive you crazy with how boring I am. You’d get sick of me real fast probably. Do YOU think we’d kill one another?

me: i think we could be good together. but you’d have to rise to the occasion. i wonder if u could do that. I’d probably always be mad at you… But not always in a heavy or serious way. I’d need lots of validation sometimes, and lots of space other times. I’d also want to hold hands and kiss in public. And i’d want to make out and have sex at least twice a day (not in public). You’d be gruff and say things that would offend me and i’d either hate u/get cold/laugh/jump on and wrestle with u/and or say something to get u back. I love banter and long talks and having heated discussions about things we don’t agree on-  an idiot would think we were having an argument, but really we’d just be having a philosophical debate that would wind from a -z and back again… And after we would have great sex. I don’t believe in cheating (even though I’ve cheated). I also don’t believe in open relationships. Ideally i’d want to trust that when u weren’t happy for whatever reason, you’d be honest and tell me so we could talk about it/fix it/or end it. would this be too much for u? probably. 

him: I doubt I could rise to the occasion. I am lazy and have a hard time going the extra mile sometimes. I love giving space, and having it, hold hands and kiss in public = yes (…), I love being offensive but wouldn’t know until it had been a while if I could feel comfortable making off color and vaguely racist jokes to you. It’s all too much! But who knows. Maybe I could be grown up enough to handle stuff. So long as there were theme parks. Short answer: it’s a lot but would likely be worth it!


the guy i was emailing with, we never ended up sexxxing or dating. he remains just a friend, who’s in a long term relationship as it is… but it was nice to vent.

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Alexi’s Guide to Life: (originally published in LADYGUNN magazine)



1. Never date a guy with a roommate! Especially if the roommate is his girlfriend.


2. Just because someone likes a lot of your instagram pix DOESN’T mean they’re in love with you… but I’m sure they wanna fuck you.


3. Girls, whether or not you’ve had anal sex, always lie and say “you’re saving anal sex for marriage.”


4. If you’re not ready for marriage- just use the “I’m not getting married until everyone’s allowed to get married.” marriage equality excuse. It makes you seem like a good person, even though you’re not. (oh whoops- i just read the newspaper.)


5. Sometimes getting drunk with people will make for a fun, happy, wonderful bonding experience that you’ll never forget. Other times: it could lead to extreme emabarrasment, the end of possibility, and vomiting in front of everyone whose opinion of you matters. Find the happy medium.


6. If it doesn’t look good on the MODEL, it sure as hell won’t look good on you.


7. Girls: next time you pull up next to another girl picking at her face in the car next to you: honk, yell, knock on the glass, and do whatever it takes to get her attention and snap her out of her self sabotaging skin picking trance! We are women! We MUST stick together.


8. If you see a girl with toilet paper stuck to her shoe or blood seeping through the back of her pants, you MUST tell her in a sly, subtle way that doesn’t get the attention of anyone but the lame loser it’s happening to.


9. When posting selfies, always be sure to include a self-deprecating caption so you don’t come across like the asshole that you are! The effort will be appreciated!


10. Nobody retweets anymore. It’s all about favoriting.


11. Girls: working out together and then binge eating at a self-congratulatory/celebratory brunch afterwards negates the ENTIRE workout! This is why I don’t believe in exercise OR friends!


12. When tweeting/texting/or emailing someone a compliment, the minute you misspell something or use the wrong form of a word- like “your” instead of “you’re” or “there” instead of “their”- it totally negates your credibility! Nothing in your tweet/text/or email can be taken seriously now. You did this to yourself.


13. It’s “I couldn’t care less.” NOT “I could care less.” Do you get it? It matters! The point is, you care SO LITTLE, you couldn’t possibly care ANY less than you already do!


14. So your outfit is the cheapest thing in the world! That’s fantastic! In fact, that’s encouraged. It just shouldn’t LOOK like the cheapest thing in the world.


15. One of the best things about a man who’s been in a long-term relationship is that there’s a 99.9% chance that he’s seen every episode of Sex and the City.


16. I know you feel vulnerable because you were naked with a guy last night. But before you fall into the female trap of needing him to love you and feeling gutted and low while you stare at your phone hoping to god he texts so you feel like it mattered and that maybe he cares; before you begin to spiral and feel like you are nothing, like you’re sinking into a black hole due to metaphorically handing over all your power to him… remember who you are. Remember that you’re smart and cool and driven and talented and good at something and have friends and have at least one cool family member maybe, I hope. Remember that you chose to have sex too. That you were 50% of the decision-making process. Remember that you aren’t even sure what you want from him, and that you might not even want him as a boyfriend and that maybe you actually had fun while you were with him and that it’s ok if that’s all it ends up being; that there’s no reason to feel shame: shame you would never think he should feel; shame you reserve for you because you’re the girl and you feel like you have to play that cliché role of guilt-shame-regret-’what does it all mean?’-I was used-I’ve been abandoned now. Think about all these things before your ego begins to feel bruised in the minutes after he leaves your apartment and you wonder if or when he’ll text/call; before you unnecessarily struggle with thoughts like he might not be sure about you or he may not want to be your boyfriend or he might never want to see you again now that he’s got what he wanted/all that he can get sexually. To alleviate unnecessary pain/over thinking and calm yourself, accept that sometimes it’s ok to have a nice time with someone; with no expectations and not giving all your power away. And if this is impossible for you, you should have left the club/bar/show/party alone. We take risks when we interact with people. It’s a risk if you get sexual too soon and it’s a risk even after you’ve waited a bit. And there comes a lot of unnecessary emotional stress that goes along with it. So do yourself a favor and make the conscious effort not to stress and let whatever the aftermath will be, just happen. You could get the call or not get his call without all the stress in the between time. It’s so much nicer without the stress.


17. If you ever end up having a crazy make out that’s super fun and passionate but leaves you with a layer of your skin rubbed off because the guy you were kissing wasn’t clean-shaven and his facial hair was in the sandpaper stage, and you look like a burn victim or like you’ve had a herpes break out… run, don’t walk, to whole foods or any other new age-y natural foods or homeopathic store and buy emu oil! It’s a godsend! It works even better than Neosporin! You’re welcome! Emu oil! Who knew?


18. It’s important to never be alone… cuz that’s the time eating bread happens.


19. Dudes, if any part of you wants to woo me, date me, kiss me, sexxx me, or love me (or ANY girl for that matter)… can you please NOT talk about your ex girlfriend(s)? I want to pretend, for at least a moment in time, that romance still exists and that we are in a bubble where only you, me, and possibility exist. Is that ok?


20. Don’t ever BROADCAST liking beef jerky! It’s something you enjoy in SECRET, behind closed doors; like binge eating, picking at your face, and anal sex.


21. Only date ‘verifieds’. #twitter


22. REAL friends don’t let you ask for a ‘to go’ box!


23. Start referring to anyone cool or noteworthy that you’ve ever gone on a date with, kissed, or simply met-  as your ‘ex boyfriend/girlfriend’. It really makes your life story much more colorful!


24. Always be sucking on a red lollipop. It’s even cooler than ordering a drink at a bar! Just roll into a club or a party with a red lolly! It totally gives you an effortless, chic, above it all, can’t be bothered vibe. Plus, it makes guys think about BLOW JOBS!


25. Always be in the bathtub. Metaphorically speaking. #stateofmind #wayoflife


26. Girls: your good looks won’t last forever. For real! We’re all gonna age (if we’re lucky) and then we’re all gonna die! So figure out what you want for your life career wise NOW! The clock is ticking! Develop a personality! Be more than your looks! Figure out what your contribution to the world during your time on this planet is going to be! And choose something that makes you happy! The goal shouldn’t be: marry a rich guy, get pregnant, get divorced, and collect alimony & child support. Be in charge of your life! Do great things! Make a contribution to the world. Find something you’re good at and do it to the maxxx!


27. Sometimes the most moving thing about the song is the fact that a boy is singing about his feelings.


28. A guy who won’t kiss you with tongue after you’ve given him a blowjob is lame. I’m talking about both scenarios: having orgasms’ or not. But he’s THE MOST lame if he didn’t even cum in your mouth and it was only part of foreplay before sexxxing and he STILL won’t kiss you with tongue after.


29. Girls (see above) it’s also totally lame if you have a problem with kissing a dude after he’s just gone down on you. Push those hang ups aside and get crazy/sloppy!


30. If you’re not invited to a party and have nowhere to go- just hang out at a Bevmo on a Saturday and wait til someone invites you to the party they’re shopping for.


31. Instagram etiquette is PRETTY simple: post no more than TWO photos back to back! Otherwise you seem like a total asshole who thinks you’re SO GOOD! Plus, you TOTALLY clog up the feed!


32. You know you’ve had a super fun, eventful night out on the town when you go to bed/sleep without taking off your makeup. I mean, you’ll regret it for sure… but you HAD TO! It was a WILD NIGHT!


33. It’s really easy to get stuck in your head. I know this first hand. So sometimes you have to remember certain things in order to put life in perspective. You have to reframe the world for yourself. Here are some sentences that help me when I get stuck in my brain: “we’re all gonna die, it’s just a matter of when and how, so don’t be so concerned with what people think of you. This time here isn’t forever, so there’s no time to be so self-conscious or concerned about others liking/not liking you.”


34. Sometimes I look at who the coolest, most beautiful, intelligent, successful, famous, wealthy women are dating… and I think: “THAT’s who they’re dating? I’m fucked!” the pool is small.



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the blind leading the blind (part 113):


1. if you’re gonna be an addict… at least be HIGH FUNCTIONING!

2. isn’t “Friends with benefits” more like “People who aren’t in love, fucking”?

3. show midriff… but NOT belly button.

4. i think we can all stop saying ‘pet peeve’ for the rest of our lives. it’s totally outdated & lame. how about ‘something that bothers me is…’?

5. one of the most POWERFUL ways Beyoncé has inspired me is by leading by example & giving me permish to not have tiny thighs but STILL feel sexy! i hope this makes you feel good too. #liberation

6. whatever Francis Bean and Lourdes do is RIGHT.

7. people fall into 2 categories: those who call California ‘Cali, and those who know better.

8. Do you ever wonder how many murderers & pedophiles you walk past every day without realizing it? Start.

9. ‘once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater’ is a saying i don’t agree with. i DO think if you cheat in ONE relationship & you’re taken back, you’ll cheat again. but different partners are different experiences.

10. stores that never seem to be open but never go out of business = human trafficking fronts.


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