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the blind leading the blind (part 136):



1. sometimes the most important thing is knowing who NOT to take advice from.


2. when you’re stressing out cuz your latest crush or object of your affection is not texting you, REMEMBER, there are a SLEW of other men who also have your phone number who are also not texting you.


3. when dating someone new, talk about babies, marriage, your expectation of him sending you flowers / buying you presents / wanting to meet his family & vice versa / and any and all of your expectations of him in general – not because you mean any of those things, but because it’s fun to torture men and see how much you can throw at them to see if they’ll stay. he won’t.


4. you know how it seems like you are so much more attractive when you’re in a relationship? it’s cuz you feel secure and spoken for and the opposite of desperate. one of the most important things after a breakup is to hold on to the confidence and sense of security you had while you were in the relationship and carry it in to your single life. this makes you much more attractive and grounded in yourself.


5. if you’re feeling low about living in a tiny apt, start referring to it as your ‘pied à terre’. it’s so much more chic and an instant spirit lifter!


6. don’t worry! you can always just secretly get pregnant!


7. don’t feel guilty about it. it’s completely natural and normal… and i feel the same way. I know I shouldn’t be, I KNOW I shouldn’t be, but I’m SO attracted 2 men in range rovers!


8. “love, when it hits us for real, has a half-life of forever.” -junot diaz


9. if you sit in front of your laptop with photo booth open, you’re never really alone.


10. girls, be careful with your drinking. learn from those who have made mistakes before you, so you can avoid the same mistakes. here’s one specific tip: don’t try to finish your drink as quickly as possible when you’re leaving a party/bar. it can really send you over the edge. here’s why: girls are different from men. our body’s don’t metabolize alcohol the same way. we’re way more delicate. and drinking alcohol quickly is very dangerous; it spikes your blood alcohol level rapidly and can cause you to black out or have fuzzy patches/amnesia the next day. even if you’re drinking no more than usual. even if it’s only 2-3 drinks (which is my norm because i usually drink on a full stomach and I’m 5’11, but that’s just me). how much you’ve eaten, how tall you are, how much you weigh, and how quickly you drink can REALLY affect you. so drink slow, have water after each drink, make sure you’re drinking on a full stomach, and be careful. you don’t want to suffer from a next day shame spiral of what you said, did, or how you came across. but more importantly, you don’t want to find yourself in a cosby-esque situation, or hurting yourself or someone else. so be careful and be mindful. but if you do have a bad night and it’s out of the norm and you are lucky enough to wake up the next day safe and sound (after having taken an uber), be thankful that all you’re worried about is potentially having said dumb things loudly. at least you’re alive! instead, use this as an opportunity to reevaluate how you take precautions to protect yourself from something like this happening in the future. take a break from drinking for a bit. but at the same time, don’t shame / guilt yourself too hard. after all, you’re only human and life happens. just be safe and use this life experiences to guide you and teach you about what you do and don’t want for yourself.

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bad communication vs. two people in love:



i wote this a while ago after a fight that began as an attempt to fix a previous fight in a string of many fights:

i apologized. i was nice. i was the adult version of me, i made a conscious  effort to be.  i was silly, i was loving. and i didn’t mean anything bad… at all. i promise. i wasn’t in a hissy fit. i changed the subject. i talked about stuff other than ‘us’ or ‘fighting’. i was trying to show him. i was trying to get back on track.

we’d just been through the worst weekend trip ever. our relationship was long distance and we were making it work. haven’t having seen each other in 17 days, we were having a quick 48 hour visit. those are a lot of pressure. cuz you want it to go well. you have high expectations. and there’s no real-time for error. this trip didn’t go well. it started on a bad foot, thanks to my insecurities. you wanna know what i did? i shouldn’t tell you. i should save face. but i’ll tell you. i got pissed at him because a girl i cannot STAND and is known to be TROUBLE followed him on instagram. but that’s not why i went ballistic. i went ballistic cuz he followed her BACK. i’m not proud of this behavior, but i’m sure my honesty is appreciated and my behavior (however lame) is relatable. this petty, completely unneccessary fight that i started took us on a mutual journey to a million other arguments about issues we have. realer issues. or i should say, REAL issued. our main issue being not hearing each other, making up our own narratives, getting defensive, and just being bad at communicating. or more specifically: we communicate in different ways. in hind sight, our MAIN MAIN MAIN issue being the long distance, the pressure of quick visits, his emotional unavailability and my trust/deep-rooted daddy issues… but back to the story.

i went home. and it stung. it was heavy. i felt relieved to be home, but so lonely. i felt like i’d just lived a nightmare. it was over? already?! what the fuck just happened? a bad 48 hours, and that’s it? was it ruined? but i loved him. and that doesn’t happen all the time. it’s rare. for me anyway.

i could feel this was about more than just the bad 48hrs; it was the culmination of every fight we’ve ever had. he’d hit his limit. and i had too. could this be fixed? if i just acted nice and cool the next time i saw him, would it erase this horrible blip? if i stopped trying to ruin it; if i stopped getting defensive, if i dropped it, if i was just lighter- could we be okay? i loved so many things about him. i was willing to just start fresh the next time i saw him. i wasn’t sure if he was.

the next day we spoke. for two hours. i was calm. i apologized. i wanted to make it better, i swear.

in my heart- my only intention/the only things i wanted him to know were these: i love him, i want him to move to la because i love him so much, i would marry him if he wanted me to, i would have a child with him,

i just love him and want him to be happy and i want him to live with me in los angeles. only good things.

how this hopeful conversation turned bad, i don’t know. but it did.

so now, while he’s at his house, far away from me. and i’m at mine… the thing that worries me most is our problem communicating.

if all i meant/was trying to express to him/ had in my heart was that i  want him with me, that i love him and i’m sorry… how did he still end up taking me the worst way, and sounding exhausted by me when i tried my hardest to make it clear i didn’t mean anything bad at all, and apologized profusely?

are the wounds of our weekend fight still too fresh and that’s what this is about? or will we always have miscommunications that turn into two people hurt and exhausted?

tonight, i tried to tell him he’s the love of my life… but i was terrified and way too shy. but i tried. i think i actually even told him. so how did this phone call go bad? i guess he couldn’t hear my apologies or he needs more time to believe them. if he ever does.

i love him so much, but he didn’t hear me.

but i guess i deserve that, because he loved me and i couldn’t hear him either. i swear, we’ve been on the same page at the same time sometimes. i swear.

could we overcome our bad communication? could love be stronger than that?

and as for this journal entry: i hope he doesn’t view it as an attack. and instead see’s it as the love letter it’s meant to be.

the modern, single girls fear of herpes:



i’m totally scared of dating again. aside from the obvious fear of ego wars, being rejected, and living in the unknown; more specifically, i’m terrified of getting an std. terrified. i’ve come this far without getting warts, syphilis, hpv,  herpes, having an abortion, or ANYTHING… and i don’t want to start NOW. i wonder how many people i’ve given blowjobs to and had sex with in the past who had herpes, but i didn’t know cuz they didn’t tell me, and i didn’t get it. and now that i’m older, i’ve begun asking people point-blank  if they have any sexually transmitted diseases, and when i boldly ask… they boldly tell me the truth. and sometimes the truth is ‘yes’, which is a very brave thing to come out and say. it’s what they should do. it’s a very personal, vulnerable thing to share and i totally respect them for it… but it makes me want to run in the other fucking direction as quickly as possible.

as quickly as i’d asked, i’ll have wished i hadn’t… because now i have all the information at my disposal. and there’s something to be said for ‘ignorance is bliss’ i mean, at least until you find out you caught something. and while i’m totally able to separate my affection and fondness and respect for a person, from my fear of their std,  it still weighs on me. cuz as much as i am attracted to someone who might have something, my main priority is to protect myself. i’m all for being sympathetic and empathetic and i know life happens and this is life and std’s are very common and happen, but at the same time, to have casual sex and risk getting herpes from someone who isn’t even going to be a potential boyfriend and who will never, could never love me… well, that’s too big a risk to take.

i have friends with oral herpes aka hsv 1 (cold sores that break out on and around their mouth) and i have friends with hsv 2 aka genital herpes – both suck. both have stigmas. obviously genital herpes sounds worse and have a worse stigma cuz it’s a break out on your private and for women who have it, it can also affect your baby when giving birth in the future. and while you can at least, more casually, refer to oral herpes/hsv 1 as ‘cold sores’ and they are more common cuz you can get infected with that as a kid, from kissing or sharing drinks… it still sucks cuz they are outbreaks on your face and both forms are extremely contagious. you could have an oral outbreak (or not), go down on someone and give them hsv 1 on their genitals. or you could go down on someone and get hsv 2 on your mouth if THEY have genital herpes. and people can pass the virus through ‘shedding’ while they aren’t even having a breakout. it’s all so terrifying to me.

i’ve asked my gynecologist all about it and done so much research because i am an anxious, obsessing, over thinking, worrier and i like being that way. i like caring and getting all the information, so that i can protect myself as best as possible. she told me that if people with hsv 1 or 2 were to take a low dose of valtrex on a daily basis, they could significantly reduce transmission of the virus. it reduces ‘shedding’ of the virus and it lessons the chance of a potential outbreak. but when i tell my friends who have the herps, i don’t think they believe me, or want to take a pill everyday. but why? just take it! if not just to prevent your own potential outbreak, but to protect the people you hook up with. smoking, stress, drug use, anything that compromises your immune system, and even the onset of your period also increases your chances of having an outbreak. that’s why it’s important to take vitamins that strengthen your immune system, not smoke or do drugs, and keep your stress level down. i tell my friends all these things, but then i get labeled as ‘freaking out’ or ‘obsessive’. well, i gladly accept these labels.

i don’t know what’s worse, to not have herpes and live in fear of getting it, or to be on the other side and already have it and no longer have to live in fear of getting it – but then you’d have to worry about break outs,  telling someone you have it, and possibly infecting someone. unless you decide not to tell at all. but that would be a really horrible thing to not do. i suppose in either case, you can decide if you want to ‘worry’ about any of it. all i know is that i don’t have anything yet, and i do live in fear about it when sex is concerned.

the fact that there is NO CURE for herpes is terrifying, not to mention the social stigma attached to it. a stigma that makes you seem dirty and makes people scared. and overall, it all just seems like a painful hassle, headache that would make life more complicated. i already had cancer when i was in my early twenties. i don’t want anymore hassles or responsibility or things to worry about. i already have that when it comes to making a living, maintaining my friendships, trying to make my dreams come true, not getting pregnant, avoiding moving violations, and falling in love. dating and meeting new people is hard enough without having to pick up ointment and keep a shameful secret.

and why does it seem like women are the only ones who get tested? why does it seem like girls are the only ones who are mindful and responsible when it comes to going to the doctor? men seem to only run to a doctor when it’s too late and there’s a sore on their dick or ooze pouring out of some orifice. it doesn’t have to be like that. men are the ones who don’t carry condoms to put over their dick; men are the ones who say ‘i hate wearing a condom. i cant feel anything.’. if they would just get regular check ups and blood tests after each sexual partner, or even just every month or two, and stopped thinking about only their dicks comfort, maybe stds wouldn’t spread as easily. i’m not saying it’s all mens fault; and i know i get tested more than most people, cuz i’m hyper health conscious and lucky enough to have health insurance, but you don’t need health insurance to get tested. and to be concerned about your health and others doesn’t make you neurotic, it makes you mindful and respectful of your body and the person you choose to link yourself to physically.

and if it seems like i’m man bashing, i’m not – but here’s what i do know from talking to men and women and doctors and people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, etc… that the general consensus is: men hate going to the doctor and wearing condoms. case closed. this is a very general statement, but one that is more true than not.

ugh. life! insert emoji of a girl in pink throwing her arms up in a flurry of a huff.

and ps: because i do ask people/strangers about their opinion on herpes, and sex, and their fear of it all – can i tell you something horrific i’ve heard people say (mainly teenagers, but adults as well) on MORE than one occasion? i’ve heard people say ‘i dont have herpes, i’m white.’ wtf?! well you are in for a rude awakening you small-minded racist bonehead. white people get herpes too. jesus fucking christ! what is wrong with people?!

fuck, when i start having sex again, i might start taking preventative valtrex to protect myself from getting something. and yes, i already intend on having protected sex. but i think the smarter thing for me would be to only enter into a sexual relationship with someone i could be in a real relationship with. as obvious as that seems, it’s a big step for me, as i’m a person who loves sex and does what she feels and wants to do. prior to my last relationship, i had sex here and there with people i liked, but it wasn’t serious. and that was a blast. you could label me as ‘promiscuous’ or ‘slutty’ but that’s such a lame, misogynistic, unfair, gender stereotype. men can do whatever they want, but if a woman has sex like a man does, cuz she wants to, cuz she can, MEN and girls who don’t know better call her a slut. well fuck off, and grow up.

however, nowadays, i do think it’s important to know why you make the decisions you do. i think it’s important to be conscious of your decision-making and to not be acting out of fear or some sort of subconscious, unhealthy, untrue belief system or sense of obligation; to think you must do something to please someone else, or because you think this is what you have to do because it’s all you can do, or what you’re supposed to do, or you deserve this. if you can really have a frank discussion with yourself and know why you choose what you choose, or why you want to do something: that’s awesome.

anyways, here’s to being single, making healthy choices, being careful, and playing the game of sexual russian roulette. good luck everyone. xo


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the love bubble:



for a second i was in love. it was really real. it was intense. i was in a safe pocket. we had created a world where only the two of us existed. we were in the bubble. that’s a term i use when i’m referring to a love bubble: a space that exists only for the two people who are madly in love with one another. it’s invisible, but you can feel it… at least the two people inside of it can. it surrounded us. we were safe in its protection, until it burst. while we were in the bubble, whether near or far, we checked in with one another. we were so connected. he mattered to me. i mattered to him. such an extreme sense of belonging. now there’s an opening where he used to be. my vagina. just kidding. how dare you. too easy. one day maybe i won’t make those obvious misogynist jokes. but i’m my father’s daughter, so it’s difficult. anyways, there’s a metaphoric opening. now i wander alone again. yeah, my life is full with friends and goals and work and hobbies and projects. but there’s always time and room for the kind of love i just lost. until then, i’ll stay busy, until i’m lucky enough to live in the bubble again. xx

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