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Alexi Wasser is a writer, actress, comedian & creator of the popular blog She hosts an advice driven podcast every Wednesday night at 9 PM called ‘Boycrazy Radio‘ with people calling in from all over the world to ask her (and guests) for advice. She describes herself as the big sister you never knew you wanted and maybe even kinda like your friends cool older sister you jerk off to? As inappropriate and crazy as it sounds, Alexi speaks at high schools and colleges around the country serving as a mentor who inspires teens, tweens, and twenty somethings to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be, to dream big, and to avoid making the same mistakes she did. She writes for magazines, has tv shows she’s created in development, and is always collecting experiences that she can regret/learn from/and write about. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter @AlexiWasser.

LF: Let’s start with love and social media. Do’s and don’ts. Too many couple selfies? TMI? Fighting on Facebook?

AW: I don’t mind pda or photos of couples on insta or fb, but the funny thing you have to deal with post break up is having your dating history out there for all to see & more importantly… The NEW person you’re dating. after breakups, i’ll always take a moment and wonder if I should take down all the pix of me and my ex, while we were in love. But then I just leave them. It seems too aggressive to remove it; like it would be insulting to my ex & his friends/family and it would hurt my feelings if an ex took down photos of ME that he’d posted. It’s cooler to just do nothing. But everyone has to do what feels right for them. Here’s what people DON’T wanna see on any of your profiles: food pix, you in a fedora, and… that’s all I can think of right now. I actually encourage posting selfies. No matter what people tell you, selfies get likes. And personally, I believe that not posting selfies means you don’t like yourself. It’s the modern equivalent of showing you have self esteem.

LF: Do you think that because of social media, dating apps, and Tinder, people get relationship ADD?

AW: I think there’s an overall ADD that’s happening with all aspects of life nowadays, not just with relationships. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of balancing technology with real life social interaction. The whole concept of “there’s always something better” is nothing new, but having all these profiles and photos and pictures at our fingertips does add to the ADD but in a way more intense way. However, depending on where you’re at emotionally/spiritually in life, it could also make you feel more lonely or overwhelmed by choice & crave the simplicity of a genuine connection with one person irl. All that matters is you know what you’re looking for and that when you meet somebody you like, you find out if you’re on the same page & whether or not you two want the same thing.

LF: You and I have talked about this before, what are your thoughts on open relationships? Can they work? A path set up for failure? is it shading monogamy? Is it a millennial dating tactic to continuously see what’s out there without penalty?

AW: Open relationships are nothing new either. It’s not something millennial’s came up with. The thing is, I’m not into open relationships– I’d rather be single or with someone that I want to be monogamous with- but all that matters is that the two people in the relationship agree to the terms of that relationship, so they’re both on the same page. I totally accept if that’s what two people want for themselves in a relationship. it’s none of my business. They just have to be on the same page and be willing to communicate if/when they’re not into it anymore and check in with one another. It all comes down to communication. I mean, they’re also probably going to hell, but, like… I’m not religious, so they can take that up with God on their own time. Not my problem.


LF: What men want vs what women want. What what do you think is the center of this Venn diagram?

AW: Who knows? I’m sure at a core level, we both want the same things? To feel heard, understood, safe, loved, less alone; to laugh & be inspired. It’s such a personal thing. So subjective.

Sometimes even if you think you know what you want, you really don’t know until you meet someone and feel the feeling that feels good, a feeling you want to maintain.

I love being single & I love being in love. There’s so much stuff to do: Friends, family, career, trying new things, exercise, dating, traveling, restaurants to try, books to read, things to write, learning things. For me the goal is to keep moving until you meet someone so undeniable that you have to be with them and then move together.

There’s no such thing as a perfect person. You hope to find someone that’s perfect for you; someone you have a willingness to endure with, who wakes you up inside and makes you feel passionate.

I’ve never been with anybody just for the sake of being with somebody. My friends used to think I threw people away too easy but actually, I pay attention to my intuition and I don’t stay in something that’s wrong for me once I’ve noticed that it’s not working. usually there’s a struggling period of about 2 ½ weeks where I’m stressed & confused about the relationship and talking about it with anybody & everybody who’ll listen including the checkers at whole foods and Starbucks until I reach my verdict, realize I’m unhappy, and make the call.

LF: “The lack of aggressive guys.” The number 1 complaint from most of my girlfriends is that they have to make the first move. I think it’s sexy when someone knows what they want and go for it. Are guys scared of girls or just being polite/lazy?

AW: Yes, I can see how men are becoming more effeminate these days. It’s a sign of the times. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s all part of the paradigm shift that’s happening now. maybe it’s not that the girls have to initiate, maybe it’s the fact that we live in a time where no one has any patience. Something I’m doing differently now is I’m waiting to see what comes towards me. I’m letting men initiate. But I have to be patient for the right person to initiate. Not everyone’s going to do that and it’s fine to be single and alone and not on the prowl and always trying to make something happen. It’s important to have hobbies and things that inspire you. spend time with your friends and family and focus on your career and yourself. Something will naturally flow into your life that’s worth waiting for. I promise.

LF: Second biggest complaint is the ‘texting game’ – guys taking forever to text you back. Is this move working? Is it just rude. What is even going on with this?

AW: Um, if a person wants to contact you… they will find you. Simple as that. Expect more from human beings. The guys who aren’t texting aren’t the guys you should be waiting around for or lusting after. If you expect to be treated a certain way, only hang with men who treat you that way, who are kind and respectful who don’t play games and actually like you. They exist. I promise. A lot of them are good looking with cool outfits and big privates too! Isn’t that exciting?! I know! Don’t engage with people who don’t treat you the way you want to be treated. Put your attention on something else. These losers shouldn’t even register with you. If you have self worth, you will start attracting what you think you’re worth.


LF: What turns you on/off the most about men?

AW: Turn on: Gets ‘it’, funny, smart, driven, Confident (in life & in bed), good communicator, good simple effortless style, kind, loving, not judgmental, not sarcastic, curiosity & openness to life, nice hands, smells good (aka I’m into his pheromones), likes cats, loves his mom. Not mean.

Turn offs: The opposite of everything I just said I was turned on by.

LF: Confusing lust for love? Any advice on how to tell them apart?

AW: Time will be the decider. you will wake from the lust phase and it’ll all become clear. Wear a condom. And don’t say I love you or make a baybay too soon. Please.

LF: Biggest mistake you ever made in a relationship?

AW: I have no regrets. Oh wait, spoke too soon: jealousy, playing games, being angry based on nothing, testing a guy to see how much he loved me & could handle. Um, but like, i’m TOTALLY healthy now. That was the OLD me.

Unfortunately though, even seeing a therapist and doing all the self work you can do on your own… Nothing brings up your deep seeded issues more than being IN a relationship and seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. It’s then that you have to face yourself, cuz you’re made to be so vulnerable.

LF: Best piece of dating advice you’ve learned.

AW: Be kind, you never have to do anything you don’t want to do, never be afraid to say no, have fun, dress to impress.

You’re never alone… especially if you sit in front of photobooth 24/7.

If & when you discover that you’re no longer into the person you’re dating, don’t waste either one of your time, be honest & get out of it as soon as possible in the most charming & diplomatic way possible. the goal is to not be irresponsible with anyone’s feelings, including your own. maybe/hopefully remain friends.

Date as many people as you want, but recognize it can be quite an energy drain and take away from your energy put towards more productive endeavors.

Personally, I think it’s irresponsible & dangerous to sleep with more than one person while you’re single; emotionally & health wise. but I’ve TOTALLY done it. I’m speaking from experience. That’s why I’ve graduated to only dating & sleeping with one person at a time, that way I can see it through and then move onto the next thing if/when I’m over it.  At least I will have given that person a solid chance.

Wow, I wonder what the old me would’ve thought of this if she were reading it. ha!

Actually, just watch this video:

things to keep you from killing yourself:



if you’re already at such a low point emotionally that you want to take your own life, you’re actually in an ideal position. you’re so low, you have nothing to lose. and because of that, now is the time you should most definitely NOT KILL YOURSELF. let me explain:

yes, you feel hopeless and in pain; but feeling the way you feel resets you, it puts you at ground zero. now you can start over from a place of ‘i don’t give a fuck’ (and that’s a very powerful place to be)  ‘…cuz i can’t get any lower, but i’ll be damned if i’m gonna let everyone else win by being stronger than me and going on, while I take my own life and then am not even able to hover over my own funeral like you imagine you’ll be able to and inevitably witness the world just keep on going  before my dead body’s even cold – after a few fb/instagram likes regarding my death and sobs that will be forgotten in less than a week.’ no fucking way. this mood is a blessing. let it serve you and rebirth you and make you stronger – ALIVE and stronger.

but first things first, in order to pull yourself out of the deep vortex that is your mood, you must grab a life raft before you get sucked into making an irreversible decision. it’s now your job to do everything in your power to bring yourself immediate happiness (except kill, harm, or put others/yourself in danger). now is the time to eat pizza without worrying about what it might do to your figure (after all, a moment ago, you were gonna off yourself – so why worry about your figure?), go shopping, get your hair dramatically altered, be brave while not giving a fuck what anyone may or may not think of you. Sing in public, write, sky dive, walk, get drunk (but uber it), wear lipstick you’ve always been too afraid to wear, write your dad or mom or ex or whoever a disarmingly honest letter saying all the things you’ve always wanted to say.

but don’t you dare kill yourself!

FUCK everyone else. FUCK everything. Just get a slice of pizza, and take a moment to watch the world. you need not say or do anything. just BE. that’s enough. truly. your presence is affecting someone in a positive way without you even realizing it. i swear to god. even if you don’t believe in god. i swear. people notice you, even if you feel invisible. you make an impact, a ripple, a difference. so just take a moment, be quiet, and breathe. be kind to yourself. stop the constant chatter in your head, WITHOUT STICKING A GUN IN YOUR MOUTH. stop worrying. everything is ok, really. it will be. it’s just how you consciously decide to react to life. everything is a choice. so choose to live cooler, and happier, and less frantic, and bogged down, and stressed. it’s not all so serious. but hang in there to find that out and experience all the fun stuff you might not see right now, but i promise is around the corner.

write a list of what you like about yourself. it’s also ok to think you’re beautiful, even though for some reason we live in a culture where we think we’re supposed to brush off compliments and only say bad things about ourselves: ‘we’re ugly, dumb, weird, fat, imperfect, blah blah blah.’ fuck all that. what’s ‘perfect’? you’re beautiful. you’re allowed to exist. you’re allowed to like yourself. it’s not conceited. it’s just the truth. fuck sarcasm. be nice. i wish everyone would just be nice. people are nice. but it starts with you. be nice to yourself.

write a list of all the things you’ve been too terrified and intimidated to try/see/do because you don’t think you’re capable. you are. and even if you aren’t, who cares? it’s not worth killing yourself over. write a list of places you want to travel to. write a list of all the boys/girls you have crushes on. write letters to people you hate for whatever reason and then burn those letters and let it go. start seeing a GOOD therapist who you feel you GEL with and is helpful and makes you feel safe and understood. start a blawg, don’t start a blawg, take photos, volunteer for kids and people less fortunate than you- because I promise you, they exist. and they’re still among the living; fighting for every breath and grateful for it. go on long walks, it’ll make your mood better. maybe go on an anti-depressant. maybe don’t. maybe cut out the bad toxic people in your ife, even if they come in the form of your family. most likely, they do. stop doing drugs and drinking, the come downs are horrible and are probably the reason you feel suicidal right now.

have protected sex, a lot. let a guy lick your pussy for a long time. don’t ask him to stop because you assume he doesn’t like it. that’s his problem. let him stop cuz he decides to stop. and if he stops sooner than you’d like him to, push his head back down there. learn how to give the best blow job in the world. masturbate. listen to audiobooks read by the author. it really makes a difference when the audiobook is read by the author. masturbate WHILE listening to an audiobook read by the author. take an epsom salt bath. go to the beach, it’s like one HUGE epsom salt bath! realize that even if you lost your home and all your possessions, you’d be ok. you could get a job at mcdonald’s, target, or starbux (i’m sorry these places come to mind when i’m describing hitting rock bottom.) be nice to people just cuz. get a job at urban o, or american ap – wherever the bustling street is that has a melrose vibe in the city you live in. see bands play. go on dates. watch all the mindless shows on e and bravo; it’s like drinking 3 martini’s and being clobbered over the head with a boot- which just might shake you out of this funk. get a kitten or a puppy; as long as it’s not to eat and you treat it lovingly. have faith that love is real and you WILL meet the next great love of your life. be excited about getting older – it means you survived.

i wrote this because when i was a teenager i was really moody. i did drugs (speed), tried to kill myself, and ended up in a coma for 2 weeks. i’m so fucking thankful i woke up. i’m so fucking thankful i lived. but even all these years later, even though i don’t do drugs anymore- and for the most part, am a happy person, i still get sad/moody/and low sometimes. and it’s during those times i have to actively remind myself why living is awesome and that there’s no fucking reason to hurt myself ever again, and that there’s no fucking reason to take my (temporary) mood so far.

lately i’ve been reading about a lot of people who have taken their own lives. strangers. and when i realize how sad and affected i feel about these people i’ve never even met… it makes me think about how their families and friends and boyfriends or girlfriends or husbands or wives must feel. we’re all connected. we’re not alone. we all get sad, we all feel hopeless and helpless sometimes… but be strong. you matter too much to hurt yourself. even if you don’t know it, you do.

here’s a helpful quote i found via @_NealeDWalsch on twitter: “What a joy this life is, with all its sadness and pain, its tests and its obstacles. What a joy to be alive and experiencing all of it.”

if you wanna leave your own inspiring reasons for choosing to live, or want to share a personal story to help someone in turmoil please do so in the comment section.

Love, Alexi

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i am your dating expert – ONLINE DATING PROFILES:

the blind leading the blind (part 136):



1. sometimes the most important thing is knowing who NOT to take advice from.


2. when you’re stressing out cuz your latest crush or object of your affection is not texting you, REMEMBER, there are a SLEW of other men who also have your phone number who are also not texting you.


3. when dating someone new, talk about babies, marriage, your expectation of him sending you flowers / buying you presents / wanting to meet his family & vice versa / and any and all of your expectations of him in general – not because you mean any of those things, but because it’s fun to torture men and see how much you can throw at them to see if they’ll stay. he won’t.


4. you know how it seems like you are so much more attractive when you’re in a relationship? it’s cuz you feel secure and spoken for and the opposite of desperate. one of the most important things after a breakup is to hold on to the confidence and sense of security you had while you were in the relationship and carry it in to your single life. this makes you much more attractive and grounded in yourself.


5. if you’re feeling low about living in a tiny apt, start referring to it as your ‘pied à terre’. it’s so much more chic and an instant spirit lifter!


6. don’t worry! you can always just secretly get pregnant!


7. don’t feel guilty about it. it’s completely natural and normal… and i feel the same way. I know I shouldn’t be, I KNOW I shouldn’t be, but I’m SO attracted 2 men in range rovers!


8. “love, when it hits us for real, has a half-life of forever.” -junot diaz


9. if you sit in front of your laptop with photo booth open, you’re never really alone.


10. girls, be careful with your drinking. learn from those who have made mistakes before you, so you can avoid the same mistakes. here’s one specific tip: don’t try to finish your drink as quickly as possible when you’re leaving a party/bar. it can really send you over the edge. here’s why: girls are different from men. our body’s don’t metabolize alcohol the same way. we’re way more delicate. and drinking alcohol quickly is very dangerous; it spikes your blood alcohol level rapidly and can cause you to black out or have fuzzy patches/amnesia the next day. even if you’re drinking no more than usual. even if it’s only 2-3 drinks (which is my norm because i usually drink on a full stomach and I’m 5’11, but that’s just me). how much you’ve eaten, how tall you are, how much you weigh, and how quickly you drink can REALLY affect you. so drink slow, have water after each drink, make sure you’re drinking on a full stomach, and be careful. you don’t want to suffer from a next day shame spiral of what you said, did, or how you came across. but more importantly, you don’t want to find yourself in a cosby-esque situation, or hurting yourself or someone else. so be careful and be mindful. but if you do have a bad night and it’s out of the norm and you are lucky enough to wake up the next day safe and sound (after having taken an uber), be thankful that all you’re worried about is potentially having said dumb things loudly. at least you’re alive! instead, use this as an opportunity to reevaluate how you take precautions to protect yourself from something like this happening in the future. take a break from drinking for a bit. but at the same time, don’t shame / guilt yourself too hard. after all, you’re only human and life happens. just be safe and use this life experiences to guide you and teach you about what you do and don’t want for yourself.

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