I’d be kuh-razy not to be this girls friend! she’s adorable and knows how to make a fast paced, entertaining video! i love you grrrl! xo, me

the blind leading the blind (part 32):

1. in case you were wondering: it’s better to have people think you’re doing cocaine in a toilet stall, than have them think you’re ACTUALLY going to the bathroom for realz. whatever that means, cuz girls do not do that. they just don’t. next topic please!

2. who came up with darts? Throwing sharp/scary/pointy things all drunky?! No way!

3. tapping along to a dumb song means you’re dumb. Case closed.

4. Just because a person is good-looking doesn’t mean it’s enough to keep you interested. take that YOU SHALLOW JERK!

5. ugly people are the WORST! riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightttt?!

6. if you and the guy you’re dating are sitting at a table and both on your phones- a good reply to people judging you harshly, as they walk by, would be ‘were not unhappy, were just multitasking! ya nosey bum!’

7. if she’s old enough to cross the street, she’s old enough to get hit. you do the math. Thug life. Peace.

8. wearing really dirty, worn in keds COULD give people the impression that you’re homeless.

9. if you see a girl sitting alone at whole foods, go up and say hello. Tell her she’s beautiful. you really have nothing to lose. She could be the girl of your dreams. Or at least possibly the best sex you’ve ever had! maybe even both! Hurry! She’s getting away!

10. people aren’t single forever dum dums. Seize your op when you can! Cuz the good ones aren’t on the market for long! that’s for damn sure!

in the name of love/response to my bullshit (part 1):

an answer to my question:

so, here’s the first response I’m posting- one of many amazing videos i received from boys AND girls!

i was completely confused and searching for- i don’t even know what! maybe hope/reassurance that love can last forever…..and/or, even if it doesn’t, that it’s worth just taking the chance for!

keep checking in to see if your video’s up next! i love you.

ps: i can’t believe all the boys that sent in video responses! very cool of you dudes. uuber brave. the girls are gonna FREAK OUT!

pps: valentine’s day is just around the bend!

xo, acw


the monster asks you about love- please help:

THE MONSTER ASKS ABOUT LOVE: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

be my friend!

YES! thank you so much!!! i will totally be your friend! you are adorable!!!! xo, Alexi


for anyone awaiting my facebook friendship approval… I’m sooo sorry, but I’ve hit the 5,000 friend maximum/limit and am not allowed to add any more people. this totally suxxx, but at least it means i’m not some jerky snob who won’t just fucking approve you!

so, instead, join my fan page! yay! wheeee! just click on the icon to the right!

lots of love, me

boycrazy at the hundreds:

the other day, i invaded the hundreds store like the annoying, uninvited guest, sad clown, dancing monkey that i am. the boys there, Julian in particular, make me feel all girly and silly- like a retarded baby. watch as i embarrass myself to the point of no return. with Nate as my camera man, i try to sexy dance with Julian, break dance, and basically keep customers from coming back!

what you won’t see in the video, is me and Nate leaving the store (backing away slowly, as if fleeing the scene of a crime), Nate going back in- to get my forgotten sunglasses (cuz i was too shy to get them myself), and later; Julian finding me down the street at supreme….to give me my blackberry that i forgot too!

what a day, what a day! and all i really wanted to do was say hi to bobby hundreds himself! oh well, another time!

if you wanna visit the kids at the hundreds store in Los Angeles, and have your own shopping spree/dance party/madness sesh- i highly recommend it!

7909 Rosewood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

tell everyone i say hi! xo

fun times at ‘the hundreds’ from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

m cafe = dude mecca!

of course i met two lovely guys at m cafe! it’s a place where ONLY good things happen!

meet Sebastian! he’d seen my b l o g on street carnage, we started chatting, and he TOTALLY agreed to let me steal a bit of his soul for my site! yay! ever seen the movie dazed and confused? i have! it’s fucking epic! all the dudes have longish hair and neato features- at least the sexiest ones do!

dating Sebastian/making out with him day after day, would remind ANY LUCKY LADY why that movie is soooo good!

listen to ‘sebash’, ‘seb’, ‘s dog’ talk to me about dating, love, turn ons and turn offs- while the daily hustle & bustle of my beloved m cafe moves at a frenetic pace in the background.

the other dude, in video #2, was in a mad rush to leave. he is not American- he is Australian (from Melbourne, specifically, if you MUST know!), super tall, and tattooed! watch me interrogate him before he dashes off to catch a plane BACK to his homeland!

you’re welcome in advance for the David Kramer (of family books) cameo!

wow, today’s post is like a cluster-fuck of cute babes! I’m pretty sure there’s even a cute boy in the background of video #2, just sitting a table, straight up chillaxin! enjoy!

i love you! xo

m cafe mania: sebastian! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

m cafe mania: the Australian dude! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

the blind leading the blind (part 31):

1. tender sex is WAY better than hard/fast/exercise sex.

2. have a little/keep a little mystery. It’s worth it. hold your cards close and you may reap amazing benefits. aka: play it cool ASSHOLE!

3. girls, if you’re not already, START masturbating/touching your privates asap/imdiento! It’s THE thing to do! Don’t do it in class or at work or anything, but at home it’s as good as having a drink. It’s also cool to do in front of guys you’re having a tawdry make-out with. I wouldn’t do it in a car, but if you’re in a hotel room, his place, or yours– do it, and do it real!  if he can’t handle it, he’s gay. if he can, then you’re doing him a favor and teaching him some valuable stuff he should TOTALLY know about you!

4. don’t throw anything away in public with your address on it. I always think that if i do, a serial killer will find it at random and decide I’m the next person he’ll murder. Be careful. Always be two steps ahead.

5. if you’re gonna cheat, don’t fuck another person. Kissing is one thing- but fucking is jeopardizing someone elses health. Not cool.

6. girls, it’s very important that you bathe and look at your vaginal folds before going on a hottt, potential sexxxing date. The last thing you need is for some dude to get a piece of toilet paper stuck in his teeth because you’re a lazy groomer. or worse:  some sort of bacterial discharge/creamy crud resembling hummus that’s all stuck in the folds of your lady bits! Yuck! No thank you! you need that like you need a punch in the head!

7. suck his dick like you’re starving, it works.

8. don’t even try to take on the post office. They’ll win every time!

9. dudes, stop using shoelaces as belts! it’s not OK. people can see you, and it’s not sexy!

10. don’t waste time obsessing over someone who gives you nothing in return. If this is what you’re experiencing, look at yourself. you’re tapping into deep routed issues/patterns of behavior that run deep in you. enough is enough! Don’t waste any more of your time. Fix yourself so you don’t keep letting the wrong people affect you in the worst way!


hello friends and family…
my sister leaves for haiti at 4am tomorrow as a volunteer and will be there for 2-3 weeks helping with whatever is needed.
she has already bought many much needed supplies, and is going for round two today!
donations are seriously needed for water purifiers, electrolytes, first aid kits, food and formula, etc, for the many orphans that are weak and dying due to starvation.
you can DIRECTLY HELP by sending any amount you can to her paypal account at

thank you so much and please keep her in your thoughts. xx binki

(if you don’t mind, please forward this email to all of your friends!)

be my friend:

for alexi from krissie wells on Vimeo.

READER SUBMISSION- something to think about:

Y (7)

Soul Responsibility– by scott vener:

Why are we here? Are we born to procreate and die? If so, should
finding the perfect mate be our sole responsibility? Or, should personal goals be our primary concern? Most agree, the answer is in finding the appropriate balance. But, is that really possible?

How do two people balance each other out when they’re realistically
standing on different beams?

If the whole concept of a relationship is to work together and
become one or one unit working on behalf of two, who’s personal
goals become the priority of the unit?

Can two people, who have different personal goals or dreams coexist
in a relationship without making sacrifices that will infect and
eventually change ones own individual soul?

Can your love for another human being change the blueprint of what you thought your life should be about?

And, if we only have one life to live, should we as people allow this to happen?

It’s obvious that making sacrifices is an unavoidable obstacle in every relationship. But, as conscious human beings, aren’t we all silently keeping score?

So, where do you draw the line? In an ideal relationship, how many
sacrifices does it take to stop you from loving someone or knowing
they’re not “the one” for you?

On the flipside, how many times can you allow someone to give in to your needs before you start to lose respect for them?

Sure, it’s a constant balancing act. But, at what point does love
blur the lines so much that it starts to rob you of your own identity or make you feel like you’re stealing somebody else’s?

How can two people be true to themselves and do what’s best for the two?

Are we all organically lonely people selfishly searching for someone to accompany us on our own journey we’ve planned for ourselves or is there a perfect match for each and every one of us?

Do soul mates really exist?

If you agree life is about finding the balance between self fulfillment and your commitment to another human being.

Ask yourself this… if you were the only person or obstacle standing between your loved ones dream, would you risk losing them forever to allow them the opportunity to live it out?

Could you make that sacrifice?

If you didn’t, do you think the relationship could still survive?

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