a collection of boys at space 1520:


a few weeks ago i hosted/mc’d an event at space 1520 called ‘blogger shop day’. i didn’t really do much. i sold some tote bags and t shirts i silk screened, shopped, announced the band that played in the courtyard (warpaint), plugged all the bloggers who came and set up stalls and were selling stuff, etc.

the most EXCITING part was that i got to speak into a MICROPHONE and have my voice amplified for people to hear and then, just as quickly, try to ignore. i thought i was a hit, but may have been the only one laughing at my amplified jokes. i’ll never know though, cuz my own laughter was way too loud and would have drowned out anyone else’s, microphone or no microphone. but more importantly, i met a bunch of cute boys!

everyone i talked to was in a lovely mood. the music was deafening, but i trudged on with my interviews… because when you spot a babe in a courtyard, much like the olden days when we were cave people and had to be quick witted, and move fast and stealth like styles to hunt our prey… so must a boycrazy monster like myself. xo

1520 from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 2: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 3: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 4: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

if i were a dude:

if I were a dude, I’d be doing all kinds of shit to impress the girlies. Little stuff that’s super easy for me to do, but goes a long way with girls- cuz dudes just aren’t very romantic nowadays. if i were a dude, you would freak out! i would be a heart breaker. i would dress to impress all the time but make sure there was no way i could ever, even for a second, be mistaken as gay. unless i WAS a gay dude, in which case- i would be openly out and proud! i would be epically gay and would make straight dudes bummed they weren’t gay! but that’s another post ALL TOGETHER!

if i were a dude, my name would be max, or Oliver, or Felix, maybe Sebastian, roman, or Vincent. i would make out with a different girl every day. every night. i would be dangerous! i would never be caught dead in flap pockets or jeans with embroiderey. only classic Levis, dark apc denim, those green parka jackets with the hoods with the fur trim, and calvin klein boxer breifs all the way! i would wear a slim fit tux WHENEVER necessary. i would wear suits everyday. i would never wear flip flops. but more importantly, i would make you laugh like a motherfucker AND be easy on the eyes!

i would always bring my dates flowers or even just a SINGLE flower. ANYTHING to look as though i added that extra bit of pizaz, cuz it’s so easy to do, and in reality requires no effort- and yet it is a gesture that goes a long way. even re-gifting an unopened bottle if perfume i got for free at work from a promo package or gift bag would be lovely and eazy peazy.

i would pick the girl up, make sure she got inside safely before driving off. (but that bitch BETTER know the lean over ‘door trick’ or she’s dead to me!) i would open the door for her, pay for our dates (but secretly want her to offer to pay, just to gauge what kind of person she is). i would ONLY let her pay on my birthday and surprise me with little prezzies and the occasional grocery list item though.

i would be a master at whatever my profession is. i would earn a lot of money, drive a hybrid or a range rover. maybe both, just to be confusing. i would go to the doctor and take care of myself. i wouldn’t be scared of the doctor! the doctor is there to take care of you! i would have health insurance. i wouldn’t have roommates, because i would want the place to myself so i could fuck whatever girl i wanted, whenever i wanted to, however i wanted! and because real men don’t have roommates. i would do sit ups, (not in a creepy American psycho way though) but NOT be a member of the gym. i would bike ride in outfits that look like I’m a cast member of Annie hall. white shorts (to the knee) and a white loose fitting thin worn crew neck t shirt. i would give every girl i ever came near an epic orgasm. as a man, this is a power i have.  i would eat healthy and not drink soda pop. drive through dining would not be my lifestyle choice. in a pinch, i might go to baja fresh. in a pinch i said!

i would only commit to a girl if she was amazing and i was crazy in love with her. but until then, i would be a non aids catching Casanova. money would never be an issue because i make so much of it. but my broad wouldn’t be a broke weight on my shoulders either. she would be successful in her on right! i would not be a cheater because i would never be in a committed relationship if i felt the need for more, or had the desire to run from it. i would have awesome bros who inspire me to do the most with my life, time, thoughts. they would not be a bunch of lazy pot smoking monsters whose idea of an accomplished day is passing around the bong and a circle jerk!

if i were a dude, my privates would be somewhere between six and eight inches length wise, and the gurth of a genetically modified cucumber available at whole foods. visit whole foods if you don’t know what i mean. i wouldn’t want to be too big to scare a girl, or too small to be made fun of behind my back. occasionally i would drink alcohol, maybe a beer once a week. i wouldn’t smoke, and i would be great at fixing stuff- objects and meals! i would try not to be one of those guys who picks his nose when he drives, but if i did it would be TOTALLY less gross than if i were a girl. YUCK. i would want kids but not until i was like, 38. i’d be a tall, confidant, dynamo!

things would be so different if i were a dude, except for the tall part. i probably wouldn’t even date myself if a met me at a party. xo

chad marshall:

this is pro surfer Chad Marshall. he’s one half of the duo behind the warriors of radness clothing/lifestyle empire! the other half of the duo is his bro trace Marshall- but I’ll get to HIM  later! in the video of chad, he’s even wearing a piece from the w.o.r. collection (yellow plaid button up)!

something about chad makes me act all awkward and goofy whenever I’m around him. i don’t know why. maybe it’s because i look like a bizarro character from a Tim Burton movie OR a vampire in black tights, with a leggo haircut, who would burn the minute  sand, saltwater, or the sun touched her. while  HE looks like he could be the star of some 1950′s/60′s TV show/movie , alongside Gidget, Elvis, or Fabian. he’d play the sexy lifeguard who all the beach girlies swoon over OR the funny side kick who’s always up to no good and hitting on the girls at the beach hut cafe or something. two characters from two different movies colliding! how exciting!

maybe it’s his beautiful blue eyes and his mom tattoo. whatever it is, i like him! and one day soon I’ll be able to act like a normal person around him. but he’s so blond (is he even blond? he might not be. in the video he doesn’t look blond does he?i swear he USED to be blond! I’m just gonna go with it.) and i’m so brunette now! he’s always smiling and seems to be in a good mood! how is this possible? if he were dumb i would understand, but he’s SUPER smart AND funny! feel free to visit him, hug him, or flirt with him at mollusk whenevs! or request the dude’s facebook friendship! i DARE you! xo

chad marshall- surfer dude stud!!! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

the blind leading the blind PART 10:

1. always date the letters/journal entries you write, it’s important. you’ll be glad you did this in the future when you’re looking back on your life! xo

2. dogs ALWAYS know when you’re having your period. no place is safe anymore. if you’re going on a first date, or to a totally rad style chic party…and a dog’s gonna be there and you’re bleeding, you might as well NOT go. unless social suicide is the new black. then go right ahead.

3. if you leave a door open in your home, any door, even a door to a closet, the bathroom, whatever… it’s like leaving open an entrance to an evil vortex that monsters live in. they will come out, and kill you in the night. you really have to keep your wits about you.  

4. don’t drink alcohol during the day. it’s gross. have some self control. even if you are at a bbq and everyone is getting shit faced or just nursing a beer. you’re better!

5. if you do smoke, even though you know you shouldn’t be smoking…ONLY smoke at night. at least this rule might help you cut back. but really. you should totally quit. get addicted to toothpicks and an unhealthy water drinking habit instead. i recommend the dark blue water bottle from whole foods or erewhon. it’s uuber stylish and it tastes good! you are better than smoking! 

6. it’s here! spf 100+ from neutrogena! look into it bitches who take themselves seriously! i did. 

7. new best drink ever- almond milk, earl grey tea lattes!

8. surefire asshole alerter- hummer limo.

9. pickles are only five calories- look into it fathead!

10. don’t use microwaves! are you fucking kidding me? you might as well give god and mother nature the finger!


PS: the imboycrazy store is NOW open. if you like TOTE BAGS, BUTTONS, OR STICKERS, check it out!!! XO




if you’re not rich,famous, or goodlooking- you need a gimmick:


let’s cut the bullshit dude’s, if you’re not rich famous or good looking, you’re gonna need a god damn gimmick! no girl wants to fuck an ugly, poor, loser, with no drive or hope of a promising future! add a LACK of personality, sense of humor, money, style, charm, flair, social savvy, or quick wit to the list and you are one sorry/sad sack of shit- with definite potential to induce a clit-hard off . get it together motherfuckers! you’re gonna have to think fast, and that’s just what I’m here for. to help you get pussy. or at least to prevent the girls, who accidentally DO fuck you, from regretting it the next day/re-thinking their sexuality and maybe even their choice to go on living!

get a job you lazy, coach surfing, entitled, oaf!  and rework your wardrobe while you’re at it! throw out the shoes you think are ok and functional. shoes AREN’T for function. they tell the RIGHT girls how lame you really are. they are a sneak peak into your inner psyche/soul, without you even knowing. but you can mask this UGLY, WRONG, UNEDUCATED side of yourself, by following my advice. how about, for starters, you develop a skill? something you’re good at. think outside the box. try to MATTER. fyi- just because you were born, doesn’t mean you matter or are of interest to anyone. try, just try, to make a contribution- instead of being a waste of space with a severe pot, cocaine, or nitrus addiction. just putting that out there. do with it what you will.

i assume there is a certain kind of girl you like, and that’s why you’re here. i cater/speak to a certain demographic…i think. prove me wrong. I’m interested in knowing who is even reading this thing. so if you like girls named zoey and Chloe, sexy offbeat beauties, or just all gorgeous, smart, successful, stylish women of the world….they expect a lot. they don’t have to settle for a loser in dockers, sketchers, faded goodwill polo shirts, or flap pocket jeans with embroidery- TO SAY THE LEAST!  if you want the TOP NOTCH pussy, you better work to your manly potential! i bet you could even go to target RIGHT NOW and throw a super cool outfit together for way less than going to apc or topman. i dare you! here’s the secret. dress like a gay dude, who happens to only like to eat pussy. have/develop a personality, ask questions, have a job that pays you and that you actually LIKE doing. the trick is to appear effortless, despite all the effort.

learn to be great at giving head, going down on a girl, eating pussy, sucking on vagina (don’t JUST/ONLY ‘suck’- it was a phrase, not the directions.) i once broke up with a guy cuz he never even offered to go down on me. i never even gave him the chance to be grossed out by me! if you are fucking/making love with a girl, YOU MUST OFFER TO LICK HER PRIVATES EVERY TIME! EVERY SESH! your goal should be to make her cum! over and over. not only will your stock soar with the girl in question, your word of mouth will be to die for! you have soooo much power when you are good at sucking pussy AND ACTUALLY GETTING THE GIRL TO ORGASM! that last part is the most important. don’t let her fake it. because we do. sometimes us girls feel bad for you cuz you aren’t finding out spot/clit, or guilty because it’s taking too long for us to cum- and we’re worried you’re getting bored (but that’s a lesson to the ladies too. don’t let him stop till you’re done bitches! and tactfully and gently teach him/show him what you need), or embarrassed cuz we think we might be yucky down there for whatever reason (which is why girlies should ALWAYS carry baby wipes). SO, being the sexy, manly, Casanova i am teaching you to be, tell the girl (in a sexy straightforward man voice that is confident and experienced (even if you’re not) that you get off when she gets off and that you won’t stop till she cums at least a few times!

as for the clothing situation, you’re gonna need a few staples. and a few new stores to start shopping at. black leather bomber jacket. white sneakers. even creme colored low top OR high top converse are ok. if i were you, i would get a simple pair of white sneaker at topman or urban outfitters- there’s only one topman in nyc or the ones in london. however, opening ceremony carries topman in la. hmm. options. either/or, i guess that’s why online shopping was invented. you’ll definitely need some crisp dark blue denim jeans from ksubi or apc, straight-leg thank you. a pair of black denim jeans. some button ups from American apparel and/or uniqlo. a white suit, a black suit, a black skinny tie, and a pale pink skinny tie. i wish i could go shopping with you. but i can’t hold your hand through this. after all, you are ALMOST a grown up. let me know if this helps. and if you have ANY exciting adventures during your metamorphosis,  send me the pix so i can post them on the blog. good luck my little Casanovas in training!!! xoxox

welcome to my exciting NEW website:

hand in pants

CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!!!! CALM DOWN! The site is having some bugs in internet explorer that will be fixed very soon. I’ll let you know once the store is open! UNTIL THEN……..WELCOME HOME MY BABIES! I LOVE YOU. xoxo

if all else fails:

you know those parts of town you pass through on the way to somewhere else? when you look out the window and say ‘Jesus Christ! who lives here’? well, maybe one day, YOU will. 

if all else fails and your life starts to derail; your dreams are shattered; love life is on the rocks- you can ALWAYS pack up and run away to some tucked away no mans land like reseda or something! 

get a job at Starbucks (they have a health plan!) and start fucking all the dude employees you work with! start having an affair with the 18 year old boy who lives in the apartment next door and teach him what it means to be a man who can provide a woman with something that will ACTUALLY makes her HAPPY: A BACK RUN AND AN ORGASM! i DON’T recommend doing this ’till you’re like 40 or something. but, it’s important to be aware of ALL your life’s options. 

when you get fired from Starbucks and are running from the cops because the neighbor boy, you’ve now been informed you were molesting, is ACTUALLY 16- you can buy a bus ticket to Lancaster or watsonville or something. start selling fruit on a corner and only wear light denim, jean short, cut offs. on the weekends, swim in a lake, drink beer or mike’s hard lemonade and fuck the complete ANTITHESIS of your former 16 year old lover: Enrique, the Latino heart throb of the area, who promises to teach you Spanish while he makes love to you…. but never gets past “you’re pussy is so wet”. oh well. 

I won’t resort to any of this unless I end up miserable and in turmoil cuz my life is in ruins. But until then, I’m good. No need to go there. Just a passing thought that runs through my mind whenever I end up in the valley- usually only when I’m SUPER DEEP in the valley, on ventura blvd in like woodland hills or something. xoxo

if only:

if only someone could promise us that all our craziest dreams and desires would come true; that everything would work out in the end…. and that we could rest assured that it will all be OK. but they can’t. who knows what will happen between now and the time you die? that’s the thing that some people actually LIKE about life. it’s a constant surprise. a gamble. but that’s also what others can HATE about it! 

it’s why some people take their own lives. they reach their breaking point. they hit their limit of ‘not knowing’ and they give up. they feel hopeless; think life is too hard to go on living because they’re unhappy, unfulfilled, and can’t continue living with the possibility that they may NEVER be happy- that their dreams may NEVER come true. and in the blink of an eye, they are gone forever. having died at their own hand. there is NO need for this to happen. but it does and it’s tragic. so, it’s important to look at the thought process that could cause this dark hole of hopelessness, and avoid it at all costs. 

we live in a world where phrases like ‘you never know’, ‘just when i least expected…’ , and ‘who knows?’ run wild. and they’re true! you never know what’s coming for you around the corner… good OR bad. just as quickly as you could contract herpes, you could win the lotto. and all you can do in the interim is live your life, be nice to your friends & family, try not to be such an asshole, maybe make people laugh if you don’t mind, have a laugh yourself, and work towards making your dream become realized. letting it be bigger than just a thought inside your head. 

but before you can do this, you have to KNOW what it is you WANT. do you know? when you figure it out through thinking/writing in an unlined journal… brainstorming like a kuh-razy person, that’s ONLY the beginning. every day, do at least ONE thing towards achieving your dream/goal. even if it’s as simple as ‘i wanna be a chef’ and going to the supermarket to grocery shop or signing up for a cooking class (and hopefully actually going). 

all of this will help towards moving your life in an inspired, focused direction. giving you things to daydream about and aspire to having/being! but if you feel trapped in a moody, super sad hole of despair…… do ANYTHING you can to perk yourself up! NO, NOT drugs- smoking- or binge eating (and by binge eating, i mean BINGE EATING: like eating an entire pizza in one sitting by yourself. or emptying the contents of your entire fridge into your stomach)!

INSTEAD, how about seeing a movie by yourself; getting a small popcorn and peanut m&m’s or red vines? have a vanilla soy OR nonfat milk latte (your call)! i mean, if you were ALREADY planning on killing yourself ANYWAY, why would you feel guilty about having a treat?! it’s like looking at life from a whole new perspective! try reading the tabloids for free at the supermarket, going on a walk…. anything! even a bubble bath and calling a friend/seeking help from a profesh could change everything. you can even e-mail me. you see, getting so emotionally low can actually give you a whole new lease on life! if nothing matters, than you can be brave, and fearless, and choose to LIVE and not let others affect you! 

so, just cheer up. after all, the beautiful thing about life is, even if you’re not feeling your best right now….there just might be a happy surprise lurking just around the bend. i love you! xoxo

the blind leading the blind PART 9:

1. live every day eating like you’re about to be photographed naked by Ryan McGinley the next day.

2. don’t be an idiot. save your money!!! open a savings account! put half of what you make in your checking and the other half in your savings. you’ll thank me later! think ahead! the younger you are, the more thankful you’ll be later!

3. it’s bad manners to drink out of a glass/cup/mug with a spoon in it.

4. wood does not absorb electricity. Unless we’re talking about a dudes wooden dick and the electricity of a woman’s vagina. in this case, wood will totally absorb electricity!

5. metal absorbs heat. If you leave your spoon in your tea/coffee/soup, it’ll get cooler.

6. Stop smoking! It’ll make you REAL UGLY, REAL FAST. I’d almost rather you develop a sex addiction instead (with condoms of course). It would be less harmful to your health. I don’t care if it’s your nervous outlet, if you’re addicted! Go to cvs, Duane Reade, target, your local pharmacy and get the patch! Then go to whole foods and buy two packs of flavored tooth picks. One cinnamon and one tea tree. Good luck. Haggy, wrinkled, smokers won’t be allowed to read this blog any more. So get it the fuck together! there’s no excuse to smoke anymore!

7. i know i probably shouldn’t say this but i feel compelled to; you should start loving your body if you don’t already. even if it’s all gross and you’re out of shape. EVEN if you’re a binge eating maniac with so many flaps of fat you can’t properly clean all the crevices and as a result you tend to smell sour and can’t figure out why. i say you should like your body because it’s the only body you’re ever gonna have and it’s yours! my mom used to tell me ‘how’s your body ever gonna change for you if you keep telling it that you hate it?’ so be nice to your body. that includes taking care of it with what you put inside it, (food, liquid and boys privates includes, how you wash it, how you move it, etc.

8. you’re ONLY allowed to have popcorn and peanut m&ms; at the cinema if you’re IN the movie that you’re seeing. no exceptions. if you end up getting cut out of the film and you’ve already finished the treats and feel SUPER EXTRA guilty cuz your cause for celebration is now non existent- you better walk that shizz off fatty!

9. a SECOND on the lips, a LIFETIME on the hips. 

10. don’t go in the ocean when you have your period. a shark will totally eat you. i live by this rule. be careful this summer. 

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