just another day:

Please don’t think I’m a COMPLETE asshole, but the other day- while I was eating at whole foods-(something I put together ALL BY MYSELF at the salad bar) I was TOTALLY put off my food when a homeless person walked by me. I didn’t want to be put off my food/lose my appetite for sooo many reasons. I didn’t want to be THAT shallow and judge mental/easily affected by dirty people. PLUS, I was starving. But she walked past me like 3 times and by the 3rd time, I was done! She had won. Oh fuck, now that I think back, I should have given her my food instead of throwing it away. But would that have been more insulting? Oh well. Too late now. I left and got a Starbucks. Then I drove to another whole foods without even thinking! (isn’t that adorable?) I went grocery shopping. i can be so efficient and responsible when i put my mind to it. When did super markets become such a beacon of hope and a security blanket in my life? While there, I spotted a cute dude in the parking lot. I was hoping he’d walk into whole foods, but alas- no. He was heading into the 99 cent store. don’t EVER pick up dudes at the 99 cent store. you’re only asking for trouble. Inside whole foods #2, I bought some rice cakes, cuz I really wanted something sweet, but didn’t want to feel guilty. Rice cakes are a meaningless food that do nothing for you, but at the time it seemed way better than a vegan piece of cake. I had a whole plan: caramel and/or cinnamon toast flavored rice cakes, with honey on them. This was a snack that made sense in my head. Sometimes, I truly feel that if I can wrap my head around what I’m eating/and it’s not super processed, and there aren’t too many components, it can’t be that bad for me. And as long as I don’t eat 12 of them, I’ll be fine. So I get into the checkout line, and the dude who was originally going into the 99cent store got in line behind me! No way! I couldn’t believe it. it was a pre Christmas miracle! I acted super aloof and quasi casj(casual). And only smiled when I caught him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. The market was super hectic and people kept bumping into us. the holiday rush and whatnot! YOU know what I’m talking about! That’s when I ever so lightly, opened my mouth and said “its crazy in here!” Yeah! I DID IT! a man magnet i am! the ball was in his court! He smiled. he loved me! I looked down at my basket. i had to give him a break from my penetrating gaze. i mean, i didn’t want him to faint or anything. And that’s when I saw his feet pitter patter out of the line…… and away from me…….and he never came back. I guess I’m not as cute as I think I am. merry Christmas. 

because you’re worth it (PART 2):

Handicapped toilet stalls=treating yourself. now that you’ve taken my advice and are venturing out of the hot babe’s house, whose eyes you’d like to remain sexy in…..for public restrooms anywhere you can find one…i have another HOT TIP. When given the choice, and faced with an empty bathroom, ALWAYS choose the handicapped stall. It’s WAY more roomy and lush. Live a little. By choosing the more spacious stall, it’s your unconscious way of saying “I’m worth it. I matter. I deserve it.” One could also take the stance that it’s an ominous choice. that, in a way, you are manifesting the possibility of one day being handicapped yourself. oh pish posh!  I’m a believer in dreaming up your reality and manifesting your destiny/creating what you conjure up in your minds eye-but come on! you gotta draw the line somewhere, and a palatial toilet stall is where I’m drawing it. Now, just for the record- I’d like to remind everyone that women DON’T go to the bathroom. We don’t do anything gross at all. This stall is to be used as an area to text, snort cocaine/powdered drugs, shop lift, and put on your makeup- away from the droves of commoners. YOU deserve this. It is your destiny. If you are reading this blog-it means that you are better! Go! be great! I love you!

because you’re worth it (part 1):

Public restrooms will save your relationship. Doubt me all you want. tell me I’m crazy, and that I should fuck off-but I kid you not, don’t use your boyfriends bathroom. In an early interview with Marilyn Manson and Dita Von teese-they answered the question: “what’s the secret to a happy marriage?” Answer: “keep the bathroom door closed!” Sure, they eventually split-but the key word here is ‘EVENTUALLY’! Just imagine how much sooner it would have ended-had they admitted to being human. Gross. Remain a creature of the night! Be mysterious! Say you’re going to go to American apparel to buy a t shirt or something, when in reality, you’re peeing at Starbucks. Be the beautiful, perfect woman you were born to be. We’re already smarter-and trying to be sexy 24/7 (as hard as it fucking is) keeps us fine tuned and on our toes. It’s like doing a crossword puzzle all the time! OR- it just sets us up to fail and feel full of shame and guilt when we ultimately CAN’T be perfect around the clock and face the fact that the reality of the situation is that we are in fact human after all. Either or. Just give it a go, and try not to fuck up your sexy factor. quitting is for quitters or whatever. is that the saying? you can let your hair down when you’re around your girlfriends or when your dude’s outta town. Lylas (love you like a sister) peace! Xoxo

what dudes HATE and LOVE about girls:


I’m sick of being such a negative/downer. only asking dudes what they hate about girls- so this is a very exciting, newly updated version of “what dudes hate about girls”, entitled, “what dudes HATE and LOVE about girls” starring (like an elusive silhouette in the dark) Tim Barber! I’d never heard of this Tim Barber, or whatever his real name is, until i met him at space 1520 at an art show he curated. apparently he’s totally cool or whatever/responsible for making cool stuff and putting neat & talented people together. Tim Barber, the man, seemed to have a hard shell that was fun to try and crack. i feel like i did this! and as a result, I’m pretty sure he fell in love with me. don’t let him fool you with his put on, blatant disdain for me, and borderline cringing every time i spoke. the guy’s in love….i just can’t figure out why he kept running in the other direction whenever i came near him. oh well, that’s another puzzle to solve on another day all together! for now, let’s dive into Tim Barber’s magical man soul and try to take some of it away from him!

PS: if you look in the background, you can see the original W.D.H.A.G. star trying to relive his glory. i think he knows that some of you have a crush on him…so we’ll HAVE to get back to him later and find out what he actually LIKES about girlies! xo


no! it’s Sunday! you shouldn’t even be on the Internet, let alone reading blogs! I’m flattered, but you shouldn’t have. i understand that there’s a lot of down time, and it’s the perfect opportunity to read my blog-but I’m out humiliating myself now and collecting stories to tell you. if you’re not all caught up with my previous posts, now would be a good time to do so! the following 5 days ahead have a lot in store for us. fun stories. cute boys. me looking like a retarded asshole! i can’t wait! but, like i said, TODAY IS SUNDAY! the day of lazy craziness. you should be having sex with some dude you picked up last night at Teddy’s OR getting ready to go to sway! so, put on a facial mask why don’t you?! expensive or cheap….i don’t give a fuck! just do it. have you tried the insanely affordable yet highly effective queen Helene mint julep masque? it’s to die for! see you tomorrow! until then, here are some you tubes of the woman who made me…….(the 2 guys are my uncles. my mom’s the one with the boobs.) xo


It’s saturday. i have a ton of stories planned for next week. if this picture filled post is boring for you, then read this blog. or knock yourself out with this blog. BUT, here is MY post:
my dad is a photographer named Julian Wasser. These are some of his photos:

ps: i need street teamers. please contact me if you like cool stickers and/or the idea of spreading the word about this blog. i love you. xoxo

important things happen in cars late at night:

One time my friend (and by ‘friend’, i mean me) made out/kissed a boy so much and so passionately that my frenulum ripped. what’s a frenulum? good question. I’m glad you asked. because i didn’t know what a frenulum was either, until mine was ripped. a frenulum is basically the piece of skin that connects the bottom of your TONGUE to the inside of your MOUTH. it is a small fold of tissue that secures or restricts the motion of a mobile organ in the body. people have a frenulum  by your privates too-connecting your privates to your body or your bum or whatever. but that is NOT the one I ripped. yuck. i repeat, that is NOT what I ripped! HOW DARE YOU? what kind of skeeze do you think i am? don’t answer that. anyways, i guess the boy sucked on my tongue too hard and it ripped. i started crying and my frenulum was bleeding. awkward! he’s totally cute and meant well, and the kisses had always been delightful…..up until now. i guess that’s the price you pay for being a makeout queen. and i thought aids would be my only potential danger! i thought wrong! wowzers. when i went to my dentist to ask him if i was OK, and what exactly had happened- he explained that my frenulum was ripped. i would’ve liked to have left it at that, but it got weirder. my dentist started coming onto me. my ripped frenulum was now a billboard saying “I’m easy! slut approaching!” gross. didn’t he know i was only interested in previously ’60s style mod dudes, turned fashionably modern circa now- with only a light nod to the ’60s haircut /art faggy/hip cool casual indie kids between the ages of 18 and 37? I’m an elitist snob when it come to makeouts. and married, 57 year old, Beverly hills dentists were not on my agenda. so, now i go to a different dentist. one who doesn’t know about my sordid makeouts or ripped parts. one who doesn’t tell me that he used to be a drummer in his high school band. what the fuck?! xo ttyl

when you don’t know how good you are:

I was gonna make this guy a  featured “what dudes hate about girls” or “dude of the day”, but i changed my mind. i went to stalk him where he worked, and thought I’d say a quick hi, tell him about my blog, take a pic, and leave…but he made it so difficult i ended up staying there for like an hour till i got a photo. he was sooo camera shy. and the more i told him how gorgeous and good looking he was, the more shy he became. this dude i was trolling has a girlfriend and a baby, so there was no weird tension-(i DO have some boundaries) and i could be normal and not as nervous as i used to be when he was single and i would stalk him at wasteland (the clothing store he used to work at). I’ve been following his career for a while. i used to go into wasteland and start sweating and get dry mouth and totally freak out when i would see him! now, I’m free to be me! what a relief. i told him all this. how i used to stutter around him and think that he was a very striking young fellow who’s exotic beauty could probably land him a lot of commercials for Levis! he wouldn’t believe me! and laughed it off and said “shut up. yeah right.” it made me sad that he doesn’t think he’s as gorgeous as he is-or at least as gorgeous as I’ve decided he should think he is! maybe he was just being super modest! i do come on pretty strong. either/or, for the sake of this blog post…his insecurities/modesty inspired me to write this! i hate it when i see some ugly, lamo girl or dude who thinks they’re the shit and gods gift-when really they’re just meatheads who moved to la and are trying to embody some cliche idea of what it means to live in la! like the tourist who visits NYC and acts super rude and harsh because that’s what they think they need to be…trying to bring the cliche to life. meanwhile: an adorable, one of a kind boy is insecure and anxious when he’s told he’s beautiful/handsome. and refuses to believe it, all because he’s different looking and not the norm! so, all you nerdy -cool-independent-interesting-individual-indie kids- what have you,  who walk around town not knowing how awesome you are, with your hands in your pockets and shoulders raised to your ears with anxiety-know how great you are! no matter what, you aren’t the girl with the lip injections, and fake boobs, or the dude with calf implants wasting their life hanging around the coffee bean and tea leaf on sunset waiting for their big break/sugar mama or  daddy! i love you.


THIS IS NATE: not only is he cool and fun, he also has special man thoughts and opinions all his own. care to take a peak inside his soul? i would if i were you……xo 

NATE from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

ps: if you wanna date nate, send him fan mail, or just tell him how cute he is….leave a comment! that goes for all of the featured dudes you find on this site! you’ll make a boys day! 

m cafe and what it means to me:

Eating food is not a crime! it just puts you at a serious disadvantage! so, if you must eat, i suggest m cafe! it’s awesome! it’s vegan, it’s macrobiotic. only sexy people eat there, and it’s my home away from home! need i say more? hang out with David. not only does he work there, but he’s also my gay Latino boyfriend. he’ll teach you how to speak like a gay man! for example: ‘WORK. IT. OUT!’ that’s a phrase i learned how to say and pronounce from David himself. young, heterosexual, white, women speaking like gay men is ADORABLE! trust me, i know. people only smile when i act like David in public. with me, or at me…i DON’T GIVE A FUCK! i make bitches laugh! are you listening?! try phrases like: ‘excuuuuse me!’ or ‘thank youuuuuuuu!’ elongate any sounds you can! add ‘bitch’ to the end of a sentence and then pretend to throw your non existant long hair over your shoulder, like Cher! another habit to get into: when people say something to you, a simple statement such as “i read your zine.” or “i saw you on tv.” reply with a snazzy “you’re welcome.” it’s an ironic way of being the asshole you wanna be, but are pretending not to be. and you know what? it feels great! there’s an entire speech in art school confidential about how people long for the opportunity to be the asshole they’re hiding on the inside! rent it. back to my rant: meet me at m. I’ll give you a demo and life coaching at the community table! I’m good at it, i swear. now if i could only follow my own advice. we’ll share a vegan dessert! those are the only desserts allowed on the program! and even though sharing TOTALLY sucks (I’m an only child-i hate sharing more than ANYONE) just do it! it will make you less fat! did i mention i love you, cuz i do beyaaatch! ‘girfriennnnnd’, ‘heeeeey girl, heyyyyyyyyyy!’ (all phrases i learned from David). In person, i can show you hand gestures and the Cher/mimed hair flips! later dude! xoxo

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