alexi recommends: BOBBIN BICYCLES

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! i JUST got a new bike from Bobbin Bicycles! well, not just. but i’ve been too busy riding it to write this post. anyways, it’s epic! it’s super chic and cool and red; and wherever i go, people stop me to ask me where i got it and all that. it’s the perfect tool for starting a conversation with a cute boy. relax, i know i don’t need to use boys as an incentive to ride a bike. of course not! i mean, bikes are also wonderful at helping you not be fat. it’s a win win all around.

Bobbin Bicycles is a London, England based company, started by a lovely couple who wanted to bring beautiful English style bicycles back into the city.

Bobbins are made with fenders, chain guards and internal gears so you can ride them in heels and skirts, or brogues and suits, dudes; to the park, the bar, the beach or anywhere you need to arrive looking hip/chic/cool/classy/pretty.

Bobbin Bicycles – Style Film from Miles Langley on Vimeo.

If you live in NYC, you can buy them this spring when they launch at Adeline Adeline on April 28, 2012 or just go to the BOBBIN BICYCLE website and get one there!

You can also:
follow them twitter @bobbinbicycles
‘like’ them on facebook

Florence Welch has one… and now i do too! Here’s the model i have: the Bobbin Birdie! it’s even customized for yours truly! So if you see me riding around town, and you WILL, honk your horn and say hello… OR just get your own epic BOBBIN BICYCLE and we’ll go riding together or better yet: WE’LL START A BIKE GANG and wear all white and take over the city! CAN’T WAIT! the power of bicycles! xoxo

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