ALEXI RECOMMENDS: special Holiday Prezzy Edish – “I, CHING” by Jarrett Grode



“I, CHING” is the perfect gift for the holidays! It’s hilarious, smart, with a joke in every sentence! I’m NOT even exaggerating!

I’d forgotten how much i love reading AND laughing/LOL’ing… but this book reminded me!

“I, CHING” is a young adult novel chronicling the tumultuous tenth grade experience of Susan Ching.

Written by the uber talented hyphenate, Jarrett Grode: actor, writer, comedian!

Follow him on twitter @grodezone! I do!

And for the love of god, buy his bookI, CHING” and READ IT! I did! You won’t regret it!

happy holidays/xoxo/i love you, Alexi