boycrazy at family PART 3:

The fashionable skater dude! he walked past the store and i waved him in! he had so much energy, it was infectious! see how many different, neato choices you have for boys to make out with? and they’re all around us, every day! these are just dudes i caught at 1 store on 1 day! so, open your goddamn eyes! boys are only scary if you let them be scary! thank god i have this blog as a buffer so i can get in there! it’s like a key to the lions den. you’re welcome!

boycrazy at family PART 2:

I call these dudes “the thinkers”, cuz they’re all ‘thinky’ and stuff. see for yourself.

THE THINKER: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

the first boy is danny. he’s adorable, stylish, thinks deeply, and look at his hair! a treasure. 

THE THINKER 2: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

i never did catch this second dude’s name. and i think that was fine with him. did i try to delve to deep? well, i’m just happy he said yes to an interview and was wearing salmon colored plaid. xo 

boycrazy at family part 1:

So, it was Saturday. i had a long chat with a girlfriend about my life and my feelings and all that, went to trader joes and then i was at a standstill. how was i gonna spend the rest of my Saturday? there were so many possibilities! the weather was nice enough to go on a walk, but i had this overwhelming urge to stalk my friend NATE, who works at FAMILY– a totally hip store on Fairfax where cute dudes often hang out! so that’s what i did! i hung out there ALL FUCKING DAY! at one point, i remember saying “whew, I’m all tuckered out, mind if i use your chair?” and i sat behind NATE while he rung people up. i greeted people like a champ when they walked in. and when i saw a cute boy, i quickly gave him a sticker and asked to take him in the back room to do a quick video sesh. this entire week is dedicated/reserved for all the dudes i picked up,trolled, scoped, caught, met (whatever you wanna call it) at FAMILY….all on one glorious Saturday.

boycrazy at family – the bad boy: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

i call this dude “the bad boy.” cuz he seems kinda aggro in the sexiest “I’m gonna fuck you in a broom closet at the mall.” kinda way. he probably hates malls. who knows? who cares? he’s a babe! just watch the video….and the many more to come…ALL THIS WEEK! xo

what dudes hate AND love about girls:

Like a cherub sent from heaven, in the nick of time, to provide me with a blog post for today……….THERE WAS ED! after a long day doing a photo shoot for my facebook default pic, i met up with Brooke at m cafe (because it’s the place to be, we’re not savages and we have good taste) for an hours long girly chat about everything and nothing. it was great, no joke, the gossip was amazing! but, always in the back of my mind was the nagging fact that I HAD NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT TO POST TODAY! but god works in mysterious ways (why am i making so many god references in this entry? I’m not religious! oh well, who cares?)….and in walked a leather clad, haphazardly put together (in an ‘on purpose’ kind of way), shaggy haired guy I’d never laid eyes on: ED!

It gets BETTER: he WASN’T American! yes, i admit it! just like everyone else American, i too am fooled by an English accent! he instantly became more interesting, worthwhile, attractive and intelligent because of it. was i born this stupid or did i acquire these illogical ideas over the years? don’t answer that. and I’m not sure if it was because i’m white, a girl, not super ugly, OR because we have the same taste in restaurants- but Ed was SUPER forthcoming with his answer! i really appreciate it when a complete stranger answers my annoying questions in the most honest way they can… thank you Ed.  maybe we’ll all learn something or at least feel less alone. good morning.

Ed: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

dude of the day!!!!!

oh look! the lil cub has emerged from dream land! How nice. Last night, he wore himself out licking some babes areolas, caressing her bum, kissing her neck and taking his time sucking on her lower lip. Look at those tats (oh wait, you can’t see what i saw), those lips, that full head of hair! This dude’s never going bald! He looks sooooo Italian. Like if Robert Deniro and AL Pacino had a love child! Hollah! Why are mafioso movies so sexy? It’s like, this dude would show you how good he is at giving head, totally blow your mind, then blow your brains out! saying “arreviderchi” right before he sends you off to swim with the fishes! Mamma mia! Italian dudes are studs!

2 things that 1 dude doesn’t like about girls:


2 things 1 dude doesn’t like: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

ps: hillhurst is a loud street!


tomorrow night- saturday january 24,2009

opening party: vanessa prager and kathy grayson 7-10pm

At Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Avenue, C2/D5, Santa Monica, Calif 90404
Tel: C2 310.315.9506 / D5 310.315.1937
Fax: 310.315.9688

what a great random day:

So the other day, i was gonna MAYBE take a Pilates class- cuz I’m trying to incorporate exercise into my life-(BORING), i had a work thing to do from 11am to 11:19am, and then an interview with a dude named Addison. i had never met him, but 1. his facebook photos were awesome, b. he likes my blog, and 3. he has a very photogenic face. done deal. (1, b,and 3 were written on purpose fyi. feel free to steal this and say it in public. makes people laugh every time- possibly at your expense, but SO WHAT!) I was a bit sleepy and burnt on the dude interviews for the week. me, burnt out on talking to dudes?! who was i? anywayzies. we were meeting up at Starbucks on Larchmont. if  he was a dud/murderer and i had to escape- i could at least have a venti coffee with some half and half, check out Larchmont beauty center next door, go to rite aid and get a flash light to shine on guys the next time i do a night time interview (so they’re not a dark blob with a voice attached, as per the usual), or i could beg Marlborough students (all girl private school) to take my stickers/make their classmates read my blog!
But no. instead i made a new friend! Addison: a young man who’s not only stylish and open to talking about his life and love experiences, but makes me look cool and hip- just by standing next to me, based on his youth and choice of outfit alone! i didn’t know what to ask, how to feel. it wasn’t a date, but what was it? just two random people talking about life. him in his American rag t shirt and me in my hm tights with an American apparel tote! this is what dreams are made of! while chatting about favorite TV shows (you’ve all been there) we discovered we both love arrested development! duh! are we not human? do we not bleed? and all of a sudden, in walks……..Will Arnett! (in a white american apparel deep v and a dark denim jacket, if you MUST know- couldn’t tell if it was Levis or apc. I’m gonna guess Levis.) Addison and i took this as a sign from our maker…..the maker of dreams come true! of ALL the Starbucks, in ALL the world, Will had walked into ours- mid chat over arrested development even?! come on! he was too talented and handsome NOT to be photographed and placed on my blog. and that’s what i told him! i apologized for my infiltrating his personal space, and asking him to be a representative. i told him that i felt i could get away with behavior like this because i’m a girl and my blog is awesome. he agreed. he was down! if you look closely, you’ll see he’s wearing a sticker that i adorned him with. I’m sure it’s in the trash somewhere now, most likely in the one right outside Starbucks! but i don’t care. it was an exciting day! you’re welcome! xoxo

addison gets personal from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

more hip and handsome on new years eve:

If being good looking were a crime, this guy would have been locked up a long time ago. it’s not his fault, he was just born this way….PERFECT! STOP punishing him for having the ability to make your heart sing. DON’T go mental! at the end of the day, he’s really JUST a person. a person who has the power to stomp on your heart with a designer shoe you’d never be able to afford or pull off! so, sit back and listen to what he has to say. you might learn something. i wish i had! instead i fainted. i love you.

ps: if you’re in new york, check this out! xo

in bed with jack and pj:

Sometimes you just have to storm into a dudes house, beg him and his actor friend to take their shirts off, and ask them questions till they give you a goddamn answer. so that’s what i did. i was bored and lonely. I’d just had a full and productive day getting my hair cut & colored, and my nails done. i didn’t even have to wake up early the next day, so i could totally stay up late! but do what, where, and with who? i had no one to annoy! i needed brains to play with! dolls made out of people!

Meanwhile, jack and pj were cozy at home (not in a gay way) living their lives, playing video games, texting, watching the boob tube, one up’ing each other with witty quips and fast paced banter… UNTIL I ARRIVED, TO FUCK THEIR SHIT UP! so tonight, this is what i learned via pillow talk. we didn’t have sex, but i made sure there was a pillow near by each of the boys -at all times- to make them feel safe and have something to squeeze in case my questions got too scary. let’s learn about the inner workings of two successful, cool, heterosexual, hip, young, go-getting dudes!

jacko part 1: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

dude of the day!!!!!

Look at this dude? who the hell does he think he is??? just because he’s a male model who has tattoos that probably drive the designers he works for kuhrazy AND he knows how to play scrabble AND he can read (see stack of books he keeps to his left at all times) doesn’t mean he has the right to give me the goddamn finger! like i even care! yes, he could give zoolander a run for his money! yes, I’ve heard the dude knows how to surf well or whatever! and yes, he’s probably super rich and lives in the ‘bu’. but why does he need to have his blackberry on the table at all times? to rub it in peoples faces that he gets a lot of bootie calls? gross (I’m borderline mortified that i even typed the word ‘bootie‘. ahhh, i did it again!) when this photo was taken he was in the middle of being photographed by me, and spouting off orders to some foxy female babe “I’m ready for my coffee and pie now!” not even a please! (on a side note: doesn’t it suck that male models can eat pie, while girl models probably can’t. life is sooo bogus!) you know why!? because he doesn’t need to say please! he’s GOOD LOOKING you fools! it is his right to take what he wants and leave the girls heartbroken in the wake of his manliness! he may have given me the finger, but at least I won scrabble. actually, i didn’t. I’m totally lying. I’m sorry. another totally sexy hot dude won. wow, is this the week of the man or what?! i guess the moral of the story is: don’t hate the player, hate the game? goodnight.