valentine wishes/birthday dreams:


•an epic make-out

•a meaningful experience with someone i like

•a trip to hawaii

•roses, tea roses, any flowers! i love flowers! sent to me as a surprise, or given to me whenever/however!

•dinner at mozza, matsuhisa, mortons, mastros, pace, lil doms

•coffee in the canyon, at joans on third, at urth

•drinks with my best friends

•karaoke with my best friends

•cake at sweet lady jane

•large black breakfast at tiffany’s style sunglasses

•large tortoise-shell wayfarers ray bans

•a bull horn

•burberry ‘manston’ trench coat size 6 US trench – below the knee


•creme de la mer eye cream

•jumbo black classic Chanel bag with GOLD hardware

•black Balenciaga ‘velo’ bag

•Gift cards for Lingerie:

la perla

kiki of Montparnasse

victoria’s secret 

•Gift cards for other stuff that makes me happy:

J Crew

Urban Outfitters

Club Monaco





M cafe


alexi wasser

po box 480876

LA CA 90048


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Hi Alexa,
I am sure that you get a bunch of emails and don’t have time to reply to all of them but if you do have a chance to reply to my email I would really love it. I came across your blog and did some reading on it and was very impressed by you and wanted to ask you what you thought about a couple of things. I am LDS or a Mormon, I live in Utah and am surrounded by Mormons and LOVE all of them but I have a problem with this whole gay thing. I have friends and friends dad’s who are gay and I just really have a hard time with what the church is saying about gays. I know that the church tells us that everyone is equal and that we should treat EVERYONE with respect and love, no matter what but then why do they not have equal rights? It is a very hard thing for me because I love my church and the joy it brings into my life, but I do not know what to tell my friends who are gay… is such a hard thing. You are such a beautiful girl and have a lot of passion and opinions which I think is great. you are influencing a lot of people and I’m glad to see you are using this influence in a good way. Please tell me what you think, I really would love to see what you had to say about this……besides ‘stop being a Mormon’ 🙂


Hey Dan,
Thank you so much for this email. I’m not a religious person at all. I’m spiritual. I believe in god. I think. I believe there is something bigger than us out there. But who knows? What I/people in general believe in is all very personal and subjective. But I know believing in something gives people hope, and being hopeful is a great thing. Hope can help you get through the day, when ordinarily, you wouldn’t feel strong enough to. But, ultimately, all your strength comes from you. All that aside, I’ll tell you how I feel about the churches’ opinion on gay marriage/gay people not getting equal rights:

I think it’s fucking bullshit! Gay people, straight people, Caucasian people, Black people, Asian people, Latino people, etc- we’re all just PEOPLE. We all come out of a vagina. We’re all just somebodies baby. Babies who (hopefully) grow up, learn how to walk and speak and read and write. We all breathe, wake up in the morning and go to sleep. We all experience happiness and excitement. We all get sad and cry. We bleed, we pee, we’re ticklish, we wear clothes, we fuck, and we make love. We make babies, we have mothers, and brothers, and sisters and cousins. We feel nervous, we feel pride, we get scared, and we’re brave. We work shitty jobs, or we have epic careers. We play sports, route for teams, and we serve our country. And, if we’re LUCKY, we fall in love. We ALL share these things, and MORE!

So to have some group of people section themselves off and put themselves on a pedestal and say: ‘no, THIS is the way!’ ‘THIS person gets this and THIS person gets that’ ‘these people deserve this, but these people don’t’ is NOT right. It’s wrong. It’s unfair. And most of the world knows it!

All we’re talking about is who a person chooses to love and have sex with! Who cares? This is none of our business. In reality, religion separates us from one another. Isn’t it supposed to bring us together and give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and love in general? People are so eager to belong and need to think their way is the only way or the right way. Personally, I don’t have a problem with people who are religious. It’s fine. It has nothing to do with me. I just want people to be happy. But that mentality is not reciprocated by the church. And, to me, if lovely tax paying people’s happiness (who are just minding their own business) is at the expense of a churches outdated belief system- THAT bums me out. THAT I cannot ignore.

If I were part of ‘the church’, I’d be WAY more concerned with stopping alter boys from being molested by their priests, rather than trying to stop the legalization of gay marriage- hypocrite jerks! That’s how I feel.

Xo, Alexi Celine Wasser

PS: My name’s ‘Alexi’ not ‘Alexa’, but that’s the LEAST of our worries. ; )