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ALEXI RECOMMENDS: a mix by jimi hey…




“I made this on a double cassette deck in my bedroom in either late 95/early 96. I suppose this was me trying to live out my fantasies of being a DJ in the vein of The Invisible Scratch Pickles or The X-ecutioners or whoever. Also I harbored secret fantasies of DJing at raves but there was no chance of that happening. I didn’t know how to scratch, nor could I afford a sampler. So instead I did this using only the pause button to make fake samples/loops. No samplers were used in the making of this tape. Source material taken from various LP’s, cassettes, and a few CD’s. Very low tech. Very mid 90’s.

It now serves as an unintentional time capsule and as a document of a tiny slice of my teens. Requires patience as it doesn’t really get cooking until around 7 or 8 minutes in. It’s mostly of interest to those I tagged because either their music is used in it or they may remember that brief moment in time in Los Angeles when some of us had one foot in the Jabberjaw/hardcore punk world and the other in the rave scene. Kind of a weird undocumented hybrid sort of thing.

It’s an at times distasteful world in which the likes of This Heat lives next door to Kraftwerk, Miami Bass, The Frogs, Kiss, The Magic Pacer, Land Of The Loops, various comedy albums, Pigmeat Markham, Kid N Play, Aphex Twin, Jungle Brothers, Brainiac, Eric B. & Rakim, MC Hammer, Tower Of Power, God Is My Co-Pilot, Korn, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Biz Markie, De La Soul, Run DMC, Fugazi, Warren G, Led Zep, Lee Perry, some Sebadoh side project whose name I forget, Chemical Brothers, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Martin Lawrence stand up, The Locust, Public Enemy, L.L. Cool J, Tortoise, The Crimson Curse, Soul Oddity, Megadeth, Rush, The Republic Of Freedom Fighters, Universal Order of Armageddon, Alec Empire, Silver Apples, Pearl Jam, Native Nod, Mantronix, Orbital, Beck, Boogie Down Productions, Clikatat Ikatowi, Sir Mix A Lot, The VSS, Trans Am, DJ Shadow, Komeda, Satisfact, DJ Mark The 45 King, Body Count, Aretha Franklin. Bollywood soundtracks, Los Cincos, Squarepusher, Anthrax, Dio, Luke Vibert, Audio Two, Atari Teenage Riot, Ice T, The Sea And Cake, Sleepytime Trio, Antioch Arrow, Ice Cube, etc.

In short, a really fucked array of sounds you’ll never hear sandwiched together anywhere else more than any sort of showcase of would be skillz.” – Jimi Hey