‘LOVE, ALEXI’ a monthly mix-tape from me to you:

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thank you so much to ‘the world’s best ever’!

“These songs are a major part of the timeline of my life. i was obsessed with each song at various stages in my life. some were soundtracks to break-ups, some for falling in love, and others were written for me by boys i dated. i used to be way more emo, but i’ve always been/and am still a romantic, and i feel like all these songs are epic for making out, rolling around naked with whoever you’re crazy about, and weeping when you feel it necessary. good luck. i love you.” -alexi celine wasser

Sound Advice 109- click HERE to download

01. Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying by Belle and Sebastian
02. Fuzzy by Grant Lee Buffalo
03. Dramamine by Modest Mouse
04. I’m Single by Lil’ Wayne
05. Master of None by Beach House
06. First Breath After Coma by Explosions in the Sky
07. I Went to the Hospital by Cass McCombs
08. Flume by Bon Iver
09. La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf
10. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra
11. Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel
12. Love is All I Am by Dawes
13. Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
14. Cigarettes and Cola by Jet
15. I’m in Love With a Girl by Big Star
16. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue by Them
17. Round One (Salem remix) by Gucci Mane
18. The Bells by The Make-Up
19. Lex by Ratatat
20. Rock Bottom Riser by Smog

READER SUBMISSION- something to think about:

Y (7)

Soul Responsibility– by scott vener:

Why are we here? Are we born to procreate and die? If so, should
finding the perfect mate be our sole responsibility? Or, should personal goals be our primary concern? Most agree, the answer is in finding the appropriate balance. But, is that really possible?

How do two people balance each other out when they’re realistically
standing on different beams?

If the whole concept of a relationship is to work together and
become one or one unit working on behalf of two, who’s personal
goals become the priority of the unit?

Can two people, who have different personal goals or dreams coexist
in a relationship without making sacrifices that will infect and
eventually change ones own individual soul?

Can your love for another human being change the blueprint of what you thought your life should be about?

And, if we only have one life to live, should we as people allow this to happen?

It’s obvious that making sacrifices is an unavoidable obstacle in every relationship. But, as conscious human beings, aren’t we all silently keeping score?

So, where do you draw the line? In an ideal relationship, how many
sacrifices does it take to stop you from loving someone or knowing
they’re not “the one” for you?

On the flipside, how many times can you allow someone to give in to your needs before you start to lose respect for them?

Sure, it’s a constant balancing act. But, at what point does love
blur the lines so much that it starts to rob you of your own identity or make you feel like you’re stealing somebody else’s?

How can two people be true to themselves and do what’s best for the two?

Are we all organically lonely people selfishly searching for someone to accompany us on our own journey we’ve planned for ourselves or is there a perfect match for each and every one of us?

Do soul mates really exist?

If you agree life is about finding the balance between self fulfillment and your commitment to another human being.

Ask yourself this… if you were the only person or obstacle standing between your loved ones dream, would you risk losing them forever to allow them the opportunity to live it out?

Could you make that sacrifice?

If you didn’t, do you think the relationship could still survive?

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