tonight- party time:




kiss and make-up party re-cap:

See more videos at Studio Beauty Channel

On October 22,09- I hosted an event with my friend Aviva Yael, for Fred Segal’s launch of the Studio Beauty Channel. It was make-out city, for EVERYONE BUT ME! Dallas Clayton and I ran the kissing booths- but the party was way more populated with girls and gay dudes, than straight guys who wanted a kiss from me. i know this for sure, cuz i totally made an announcement over the loudspeaker that i was ready, willing, and able to be kissed. their loss! at least now i’m extra sure that i didn’t contract herpes or swine flu, i hope. i was chatting a lot. holy shit!


You can view pictures from the party on the Beauty Channel’s website. The Beauty Channel is a series of mini-vids (directed by crystal moselle and aviva) that showcases Studio Beauty Mix’s products. Watch the videos of me crying, my friend Ana Calderon, who also Dj’ed the event- giving you a sneak peek into her epic daily life in Los Angeles, and hip/hot couples making out (these are my absolute fave vids- cuz they’re so real, awkward in the best way – PLUS everyone’s really nice to look at)! the videos and products are guh-rate, so go check em out now! xo





ok, so i’m doing a podcast again…tonight. 8pm – 10pm PST. my mom gave me some advice: this time i will listen better, not be so frantic, not act as though it’s a race to get through all the calls.  i will treat people the way i want to be treated. i might have a glass of wine before the show. i will be calmer and gentler.

it’s gonna be two hours, with a surprise guest for the first hour. the second hour will be me taking YOUR calls. so, give me another chance. tell your friends: guys and girls to call in. (646) 378-0649

just come back here at 8pm and click on the podcast/blog talk radio link to the right.

two different girls called in and the advice i gave was a bit sloppy. i misheard them and wasn’t focusing. it was because i was frantic due to technical difficulties. one girl said she was bummed about a guy she really likes (who is friends with a guy she used to hook up with) not telling people about their relationship. i didn’t hear you clearly and said you should move on. but now that i listened to the podcast (while cringing and at the same time fighting the urge to punch myself in the face) i understand that he’s just being respectful of his friend. i think you should continue dating, wait it out for like 6 months and keep it low key. there’s a difference between your guy being ashamed of you and just being respectful of one of his friends. trust your instincts.

also, a girl called in about liking a guy that her friend likes and that it was causing a problem between the two girls. i told her to have her friend call me, but i think that when the friend called- i didn’t put two and two together. so call me again and tell me if the mutual guy crush is still an issue- but tell me what your friends name is, so i can expect her call and know who i’m supposed to be giving advice to.

so, there you go! i hope to hear from all my wonderful girl and boy readers. but don’t forget, i AM totally boycrazy- so i’d love to hear from cute guys with six packs too. (and by ‘six packs’ i mean: successful, strong, tall, neato, smart, cool dudes)! lot’s of love, alexi



don’t forget to RSVP! see you there! there will be 2 kissing booths! one for boys and one for girls! make-up, drinks, babes, and dj ana calderon who i love soooo much! yippy skippy! it’s important to be social! xo

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