“Alexi In Bed” with Father John Misty & His NEW Fragrance!


because you’re worth it (PART 2):

Handicapped toilet stalls=treating yourself. now that you’ve taken my advice and are venturing out of the hot babe’s house, whose eyes you’d like to remain sexy in…..for public restrooms anywhere you can find one…i have another HOT TIP. When given the choice, and faced with an empty bathroom, ALWAYS choose the handicapped stall. It’s WAY more roomy and lush. Live a little. By choosing the more spacious stall, it’s your unconscious way of saying “I’m worth it. I matter. I deserve it.” One could also take the stance that it’s an ominous choice. that, in a way, you are manifesting the possibility of one day being handicapped yourself. oh pish posh!  I’m a believer in dreaming up your reality and manifesting your destiny/creating what you conjure up in your minds eye-but come on! you gotta draw the line somewhere, and a palatial toilet stall is where I’m drawing it. Now, just for the record- I’d like to remind everyone that women DON’T go to the bathroom. We don’t do anything gross at all. This stall is to be used as an area to text, snort cocaine/powdered drugs, shop lift, and put on your makeup- away from the droves of commoners. YOU deserve this. It is your destiny. If you are reading this blog-it means that you are better! Go! be great! I love you!

The size of my thighs, and other things no one cares about:

When did everyone start using the term ‘boning’? i know it was used in the 80’s and stuff, but it’s back in a major way and I’m just not clear on when it began to resurface. at first i was appalled and totally not a fan. but just like the rest of pop culture, it’s seeped through and penetrated my soul. and for the same reason i watch the hills and am now blogging, i use the word ‘boning’ instead of/ more than 1. fucking, 2. making love 3. having sex 4. doing it. if only it was this easy to become anorexic!

^ This is what you get when boys like you.

^  AND custom starbucks.