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urban outfitters/space1520 – blogger shop day #2:


so, blogger shop day is basically an excuse for a bunch of people who have blogs to get together, sell whatever merchandise they have to sell (jewelry, vegan cupcakes, clothing- new AND vintage), and basically have a party/drink beer or whatever. i hosted the first blogger shop day, sponsored by space 1520/urban outfitters. i didn’t know what i was in for… and it was totally awesome.

bands play, there’s a BBQ, a DJ, super hot girls and guys wearing fitted clothing and unique designs! i had a microphone and handed out buttons and stickers and interviewed cute boys i found! when i needed a break, i just wandered into the huge urban outfitters that’s connected to the courtyard and tried stuff on… and bought stuff! i even took pictures in the photo booth they have in there! yeah! a photo booth! thanks to blogger shop day 1, i now own the best pair of jean cutoffs! and they were like $8!

I’m hosting this Sunday’s blogger shop day #2, and it’s only gonna be bigger AND better. here’s the thing about blogs… the worst thing about a blog is the word blog. in reality, blogs are just another avenue, forum to express yourself – using writing, music, videos, and pictures. what’s so bad about that? nothing! nothing at all. i love you! see you there!

here’s how blogger shop day #1 turned out!

alexi wasser hosts urban outfitters/space 1520 blogger shop day! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

update: the comment section wasn’t working for the past few days, but it is now! so, if you have anything to say….feel free! xo

a collection of boys at space 1520:


a few weeks ago i hosted/mc’d an event at space 1520 called ‘blogger shop day’. i didn’t really do much. i sold some tote bags and t shirts i silk screened, shopped, announced the band that played in the courtyard (warpaint), plugged all the bloggers who came and set up stalls and were selling stuff, etc.

the most EXCITING part was that i got to speak into a MICROPHONE and have my voice amplified for people to hear and then, just as quickly, try to ignore. i thought i was a hit, but may have been the only one laughing at my amplified jokes. i’ll never know though, cuz my own laughter was way too loud and would have drowned out anyone else’s, microphone or no microphone. but more importantly, i met a bunch of cute boys!

everyone i talked to was in a lovely mood. the music was deafening, but i trudged on with my interviews… because when you spot a babe in a courtyard, much like the olden days when we were cave people and had to be quick witted, and move fast and stealth like styles to hunt our prey… so must a boycrazy monster like myself. xo

1520 from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 2: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 3: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 4: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

dude of the day!!!!!

Who the hell is this guy? And what was he doing at space 1520 on cahuenga??? Why did I waste so much money flying overseas (London, Paris, Italy, Hamburg and all over Switzerland) to have romantic rendezvous’ with exotic looking dudes who barely speak English, don’t feel the need to bathe on a daily basis, and have sex all epic and animal like- when I could’ve stayed in my hometown with this guy! LOOK AT HIS FUCKING PILLOW CUSHION LIPS! I’m sorry; I just fainted, what’s happening? Oh yeah…from what I can remember, when I was taking his pic, this guy spoke English (that’s a bonus, right?), but I couldn’t hear a word he said. 

He had holes in his sweater; his hands were all rugged and rough! And the best part: he SMELLED European. LOOK AT HIS SKIN. It’s all olivey toned! and those eyes that look so deep and sad. Lets face it. This dude would fuck the shit out of you! I’m just worried that he might be too nice (Is there such a thing? YES!) and end up falling in love with you. If you meet this dude in person, let him prove me wrong. But you can still let him fuck the shit of you. What’s that phrase? ‘Fuck till you bleed’? Anywayzies, it’s the least he can do.

what dudes hate AND love about girls:

Like a cherub sent from heaven, in the nick of time, to provide me with a blog post for today……….THERE WAS ED! after a long day doing a photo shoot for my facebook default pic, i met up with Brooke at m cafe (because it’s the place to be, we’re not savages and we have good taste) for an hours long girly chat about everything and nothing. it was great, no joke, the gossip was amazing! but, always in the back of my mind was the nagging fact that I HAD NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT TO POST TODAY! but god works in mysterious ways (why am i making so many god references in this entry? I’m not religious! oh well, who cares?)….and in walked a leather clad, haphazardly put together (in an ‘on purpose’ kind of way), shaggy haired guy I’d never laid eyes on: ED!

It gets BETTER: he WASN’T American! yes, i admit it! just like everyone else American, i too am fooled by an English accent! he instantly became more interesting, worthwhile, attractive and intelligent because of it. was i born this stupid or did i acquire these illogical ideas over the years? don’t answer that. and I’m not sure if it was because i’m white, a girl, not super ugly, OR because we have the same taste in restaurants- but Ed was SUPER forthcoming with his answer! i really appreciate it when a complete stranger answers my annoying questions in the most honest way they can… thank you Ed.  maybe we’ll all learn something or at least feel less alone. good morning.

Ed: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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