the boys of american apparel:

well, i found another one! a hot babe who works at american apparel! except THIS one has a super kuh-razy thick moustache and abs of steel! I’m almost afraid to tell you which store he works at, because you might try to spy on him… oh all-right: THE MELROSE STORE!  his name is Nate! he kinda reminds me of this guy, in terms of where he’s at emotionally/and how he feels about dating at this point in his life..

it was love at first sight. he asked me if he could help me with anything. ANYTHING? i took one look at him and said “can i get you for my b l o g?”  he acted like he didn’t know what i was talking about, and went along with it. but later he told me he knew exactly who i was (whatever the fuck that means), what my site was all about, and that we were even face book friends. some might think  he sounds creepyly stalker-ish… but to me, it’s  my FAVORITE way of being wooed!  i think, in the end, I may have come on too strong. you be the judge. i should probably take a break from the melrose store anyways! besides,  i haven’t visited the new one in malibu yet! omg, American Apparel beach babes? i can’t wait! xo

ps: i’m looking for dov! if you’re reading this mister…. i think you should let me interview you!

deep inside the factory – american apparel:

oh my goodness. so, i did it! i had my FIRST visit to the American apparel factory in downtown Los Angeles. HQ if you will; where ALL the magic happens. it was a little daunting. not only is there a huge American apparel store NEXT to the actual factory, where i spent 2 hours shopping and trying on sample pieces that aren’t available at the regular stores- but there were a whole SLEW of awesome man babes lurking about. tall, short, blond, brunette- looking busy AND official in a skinny, aloof, somewhat androgynous kinda way. i was in heaven. clothes and boys! wheeeee! it was like a modern day willy wonka chocolate factory for a girl who’s lies about being lactose intolerant cuz she’s always on a diet! 

i was nervous. i felt out of place- which i kinda was, cuz i don’t actually work at the factory- but my friend Lisa Kim was kind enough to invite me in with open arms, give me a tour and then have a gossip sesh with me over 50 cent coffee in the cafeteria that is EXACTLY like an elementary school/junior high caf. right down to the covered outdoor seating area and post modern style community tables with built in benches, that’ll probably be the ‘it’ piece and cost a fortune in about twenty years! 

but back to the point; please join me on my first and DEFINITELY NOT last trip to the American apparel factory. I’ve only just begun to collect all the boys that are hidden inside. gay, straight, unsure….i love you ALL and am coming after you. so be prepared to be interviewed! you look fabulous! how could you not? you’re wearing American apparel! maybe one day I’ll even interview Dov…………xoxo

deep inside the factory – american apparel: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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