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journal entry. late at night. once upon a time: 

why is it that even in a situation where you know you don’t even like or see a future with or care about a guy (even though he IS kinda cute), after you have sex with him, inevitably it’s the girl who feels like she was used somehow? or as if she now, out of cultural obligation, has to feel bad about giving her puss away to a guy too quickly?

i recently had sex on a first date.

here’s why i feel bad: i know that I’m too special and precious and smart to let some guy just put his dick in me, even though we barely know each other, cuz that’s what he wants. i don’t want to give myself away so easily. at least, I’d prefer not too. but i did it anyway. i gave in. i caved. i was easy. i wasn’t even dying for sex! (i can’t stand the word ‘horny’) So there wasn’t even the payoff of feeling relieved and gratified afterwords/sexually satiated. (wait, does that mean it was BAD sex too? if it were good, would it have felt gratifying in another way? god dammit! this is such a multi layered bummer!)

here’s why i don‘t feel bad: i don’t like the dude, but sex feels good and I had nothing to lose cuz i don’t wanna date him anyways… although i HAVE had experiences where I’ve had first date sex and we went on to date seriously.

Q: why did i do it though if i could have just as easily been watching tv and eating pretzels?

A: I’d had a few drinks, I let him come up to my place, we got naked and I felt obligated. I should have just kissed him in the car and at the bar and left it at that. I didn’t take care of myself/check in with myself to see where I wanted the night to go. Instead, I went on auto pilot. (alcohol & boredom). And by the time we were rolling around naked and kissing in my bedroom: I came from him going down on me, and wanted him to cum and now that I’ve had sex enough in my lifetime, i decided it was just easier to let him get off while fucking me. i didn’t even see the point of giving him a blow job to end the experience, or mutually masturbate. we’d both already gone down on each other… so now the finishing may as well be something we can both enjoy. i mean, oral sex is still sex, unprotected, and involves fluids! ahhhh! in reality, an unprotected blowjob is way more intimate and seems much more dangerous than protected sex. (but i’m talking about sex where the dude’s wearing a condom and pulls out before he cums inside me. how dare you?!)

the aftermath that left me sad was this: what i lacked in the end wasn’t my self-respect. no. it was the lack of meeting a guy whose shoulder i wanted to put my head on. it was the lack of having the arms of someone i wanted to be held by. it was the lack of my interest in his life, the humor in his jokes. he was fine, but i felt dead inside and way too self-aware about it all. i’m a romantic. but other times i’m cold. maybe that just means i’m with the wrong person. oh shit, duh. i want a guy to be in love with me, but i’m jut as unavailable as the men whose love i crave but who don’t love me. but i get upset when i don’t get to reject someone first- i get upset when i  give myself over to them and with that, potentially my power. well, hopefully some lesson was learned here. probably not though. on to the next. i’ll try to cope using advice from my various friends & ex boyfriends i texted while taking a bath after the guy i sexxed left and i’d locked the door behind him:

various texts from friends and ex’s talking me off the ledge: 

1. don’t feel bad! you’re a baller vixen. you can be in as much control as you want to be. it’s not about your vagina, it’s about your brain. (from an ex)

2. don’t be hard on yourself. you thrive off experience and impulse. think of it this way: your brain is spinning more now after having unfulfilling sex than it probably would be from having not put out. i give my dick to plenty of unworthy people, but i only give my heart, eyes, and brain to people who matter. so chillax you wonderful soul, that guy will wish you’d fuck him again and you won’t. you win. and part of what makes you great are these weird reflections that this bullshit causes you to have. you’re one of the few women i’ve ever encountered who even if you fucked someone you met 25 min prior- you come off as the winner. it’s an admirable and enviable freedom you exhibit. and you think about and are in tune to how that affects you. (from an ex)

3. don’t worry about it. gay men have sex on the first date to make sure the chemistry’s good! you’re like a gay man! and gay guys are the best! (from a girlfriend)

4. As my mom says ‘bonobo monkeys know best- and sex is the most therapeutic thing you can do for your body.’ So REALLY it was just a therapy session last night. : ) (from a girlfriend)

5. Totally. I got you. I totally understand. I’ve def been in the same position. But it’s all meant to be. Maybe you needed to do it for some reason. To get your head back into work or whatever reason… (from a girlfriend)

6. do you want to come over? (from an ex)

7. do you want me to come over? (from a guy i thought was my friend, but who i now know wants to sexxx me)

oh wait. reading this back, i just answered my own question. the answer was in the question:

“why is it that even in a situation where you know you don’t even like or see a future with or care about a guy (even though he IS kinda cute), after you have sex with him, inevitably it’s the girl who feels like she was used somehow? or as if she now, out of cultural obligation, has to feel bad about giving her puss away to a guy too quickly?”

From now on, i will listen to my therapist and learn from the point he made when he said  ‘would you have had sex with him if you hadn’t been drinking alcohal?’ and my answer was ‘no’.

Update: by the next afternoon i was fine. and yeah, he called. he asked me out again. i didn’t go out with him though. i chose not to. and i did learn a lesson from this: no sex or even dating unless i’m REALLY excited about someone. cuz even then you take the chance of spiralling & heartbreak. but at least THEN it’s for someone you felt was worth it.











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