chatting with PATRICK:

this is Patrick! we’ve known eachother for about ten years! he’s gorgeous and smart; has great taste in music; we share a love of Belle and Sebastian AND the same birthday (February 11th)! 

in this epic vid: Patrick and i talk about love, monogamy, and finding everything you want in just one person! personally, i walked away feeling better about my priorities and the unnecessary weight i put on the men in my life. you might too! enjoy! xox

chatting with PATRICK: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

deep inside the factory – american apparel:

oh my goodness. so, i did it! i had my FIRST visit to the American apparel factory in downtown Los Angeles. HQ if you will; where ALL the magic happens. it was a little daunting. not only is there a huge American apparel store NEXT to the actual factory, where i spent 2 hours shopping and trying on sample pieces that aren’t available at the regular stores- but there were a whole SLEW of awesome man babes lurking about. tall, short, blond, brunette- looking busy AND official in a skinny, aloof, somewhat androgynous kinda way. i was in heaven. clothes and boys! wheeeee! it was like a modern day willy wonka chocolate factory for a girl who’s lies about being lactose intolerant cuz she’s always on a diet! 

i was nervous. i felt out of place- which i kinda was, cuz i don’t actually work at the factory- but my friend Lisa Kim was kind enough to invite me in with open arms, give me a tour and then have a gossip sesh with me over 50 cent coffee in the cafeteria that is EXACTLY like an elementary school/junior high caf. right down to the covered outdoor seating area and post modern style community tables with built in benches, that’ll probably be the ‘it’ piece and cost a fortune in about twenty years! 

but back to the point; please join me on my first and DEFINITELY NOT last trip to the American apparel factory. I’ve only just begun to collect all the boys that are hidden inside. gay, straight, unsure….i love you ALL and am coming after you. so be prepared to be interviewed! you look fabulous! how could you not? you’re wearing American apparel! maybe one day I’ll even interview Dov…………xoxo

deep inside the factory – american apparel: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


this is Cali DeWitt. a legend in his own time. he’s lived a thousand lives, is REFERENCED in books, and has awesome bros-(one of which kind of looks like Jarvis Cocker and has WRITTEN a book.)Cali is/has achieved, so many things: co owner of hope gallery, a master blogger- yesterday and today, a great friend who will set you straight when you need some words of wisdom! he even runs a record label! need i go on, cuz i will?! don’t push me! 

unfortunately, when i ran into Cali, my camera was on the compact setting. and because of this- the video isn’t as clear as it should be. i’m sorry Cali! this is what happens when i see you, i freak out in the best possible way and my camera skills go all herky jerky cuz i get too excited! i’m sure you understand! you’re CALI!

why did i bother with the fasting and all that when Cali tells me this…..:

boycrazy video – hey, it’s CALI!: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

sucking out the poison:

I’m in the fucking horrible process of detoxifying my body or whatever you wanna call it. in a few days, i’ll be driving to a place in desert hot springs called ‘we care: a juice fasting and spiritual retreat’. even the name makes me gag. but, that doesn’t seem to be stopping me.

‘we care’ is THE place to go when you wanna pay a lot of money to be starved and given colonics. the detox process before going on my fast at ‘we care’ involves: no caffeine, no dairy, no nuts, bananas, grains, pasta, meat, cheese, processed food, caffeine, or alcohol. I’M DYING! i can barely write. seriously. i feel gutted and empty. last night i came home at like 4am, and posted the lamest shit. i blame ‘we care’. 

here’s what I CAN have: 
*fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, juices, herb teas.
*2 table spoons of olive oil before bedtime.
*8 oz of prune juice in the morning and herbal laxatives or laxative teas nightly.

um, why would i need a laxative? how many times can i say this: girls DON’T go to the bathroom. duh. bathrooms are for snorting cocaine, putting on makeup and gossiping with your girlfriends. 

my stomach is eating itself! this is why i could never and have never been able to be anorexic. but what really scares me is the fact that i am going to VOLUNTARILY let a stranger at ‘we care’ insert a tube in my bum to blast my colon with warm water. and then massage out the poison. NOT that i even HAVE a colon. cuz girls don’t do ANYTHING gross.  ALL our holes are sewn up! except the vadge hole- of course! otherwise we’d be USELESS! well i guess the colonic lady’s gonna have to rip out the seams, cuz she’s going in! NOOOOO!

ass=”Apple-style-span” style=”font-size:small;”>i’m
scared. i just want to get it over with. i had to pay in advance. NOW this has become more a money thing than anything else. i WON’T have those ‘we care’ motherfuckers keep my money! my head is woozy. i miss coffee. it’s only been three days! but i’m not ashamed; i fucking LOVE coffee! it’s all i’ve got! i wake up for it. it makes me feel understood and taken care of. it totally completes me. that starbucks cup isnt just an epic drink, it’s a goddamn fashion accessory.

anywayzies, back to my fear of the colonics that lurk in my future. i’ve NEVER even had ANAL sex. if i do this, does it mean i HAVE had anal sex? or SHOULD? do i base my feeling on whether i’ll like anal sex on how i react when the lady puts the plastic rod, or whatever it’s called, into my bum hole? oh no! what if it isn’t a lady? i will NOT let a man see me like this! i’ll just have to request a lady! what if all the garbage they syphon out of me doesn’t even make me look thinner? if that’s the case, will it really make me less toxic and healthier? is this whole thing a sham? probably. but a bum syphoning and a few days of not eating CAN’T make me fatter. i did this to myself. 

here’s a look at what i tried to pass off as an alright post yesterday. i apologize. it was superficial bullshit:

boycrazy video- a message from kelly and luke: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

so, there was a party for nylon magazine last night. it’s hard for me to get motivated to go out MOST of the time. i complain, try to talk myself out of it, get lazy, do surgery on my face so i’d be crazy to be seen in pubic. but not last night. last night i didn’t give a fuck. tights, eyeliner, and out the door. i had pants and a shirt on too. but that’s not the point. the point is, i had boycrazy stickers to hand out and beautiful boys to prey upon. and that’s what i did.

i ran into lots of beautiful people that i love seeing, and i even made some new friends. i danced to lady gaga. yeah. lady fucking gaga. i couldn’t stop eye darting (that’s when you’re SUPPOSED to be focusing on the person you’re talking to, but your eyes keep darting around the room cuz you can’t stop looking at what’s going on around you). i hate when people do that to me, and here i was doing it too. but the party was too fucking crowded! i had to! 

a girls hair caught on fire, which i thought was epic. she ran off screaming after we put it out, totally ignoring me when i offered her a sticker. my mantra for the evening was ‘free stickers for beautiful people.’ where do i come up with this shit? 

the ‘hills’ was being shot at the party. i MIGHT even be an extra on the episode. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! i tried not to be, but my friend brooke kept sitting at a banquet near the filming. what can you do? life is so hard! i was so confused! the hills was on tv during the party AND being filmed AT the party! wtf? it’s like that ‘if a tree falls in the forest‘ saying or whatever…. yowsers! good thing i have tivo. xo

in these pix: ‘the hills’ being filmed like only a pretend reality show can be filmed!

firemen- a precurser to an intro to an expose:

so, the other day i was on the phone with my friend jesse. i had just walked out of the american apparel on ventura blvd and had A LOT of hot goss to spew. mid conversation, i walked past a parked fire truck. HMMMM, where there’s a fire truck, firemen are SURE to follow! there was no sign of a blazing inferno and a few steps further down the boulevard i hit FIREMAN MECCA! a table of fireman dudes having lunch! it was too good to be true. i didn’t know what to do. i got nervous. i wanted to approach them, but i was too shy. my heart started beating faster than normal even! thank god for jesse’s words of encouragement: ‘you have to do this dude. they’re firemen! if anyone knows what to do, it’s you.’  she was right. i hung up the phone. (even though it’s a blackberry and there was nothing to hang it on. that phrase just doesn’t make sense anymore.) and took a deep breath.

i KNOW i’m not the first to talk about how sexy firemen are. duh! this is OLD news that carrie bradshaw’s already covered! but it’s a cliche that’s REAL and a stereotype i believe! firemen make you feel sexy and are super attractive even if they AREN’T attractive or your USUAL type at all! i mean, the four people who read this probably find themselves with the skinny pale indie dude time and time again, and i get that! i’ve lived that! i support that! i’m totally a member of the ‘i like dudes that could tip over if you bump into them/get questioned about their sexuality non stop.’ so this is probably why my fascination with firemen is even more crazers. they don’t have the ‘band dude’ vibe at all. my genetic coding says i’m not allowed to lust over a fireman dude….and yet i do. and it’s not a crime.

some of them look like ken doll/beef cake/meat heads. but in that red truck and that official uniform, the term beefcake becomes the most appealing thing in the world. oh shit, i’m like samantha jones over here. but i can’t stop!

i ALWAYS wave at fire men and they ALWAYS smile when i do. because they KNOW they’re sexy. they KNOW they make girls w*t. they rescue people, they have muscles, and a paying job! nuff said!

the following video doesn’t even BEGIN to express the SERIOUSNESS of the sexual prowess of firemen! it’s more just me saying: can you believe i stumbled upon a table full of firemen? kuhrazy! soon, i will delve deeper and find a fire house to visit and interview the cutest of the beef head meat cakes or whatever! i love you. xo

boycrazy video- firemen rule: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

meet the FACE HUNTER!!!

meet yvan rodic AKA the face hunter. i did! and the entire experience was awesome! he’s a blogger too(except he has a way bigger following than me), he’s a boy, and he takes pictures of interesting faces that he finds all around the world. he also has an Internet TV show even!!!

he’s part Serbian, part Swiss and now lives in London. he speaks English, french, German, some Serbian and Swedish. 

yvan was recently in the states for a few weeks- passing through Los Angeles after going to coachella! Rickey Kim put us in touch and yvan and i interviewed eachother/cross blogged by the light installation outside LACMA! it was a beautiful setting for a fist time meet. i recommend it to anyone who has an upcoming blind date and no idea where to rendezvous!
check out this very candid interview yvan granted me; where we talk about monogamy, privates, relationships, french, and love. ALL from a boys perspective! he even has a neato accent that will enchant all the girlies who are sick of the usual American accent they can find from any Starbucks or mall guy they meet in their boring home town. pow! check it out:

boycrazy meets the Face Hunter: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


boycrazy video – tribute to a mentor AKA rickey kim: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

I’ve ALREADY blogged about Rickey, but i met up with him yesterday and REALLY felt the need to put him up here again. every time i meet with Rickey Kim, it’s like a motivational slap in the face. every boy and girl should have a rickey kim in their life!

even though he says things like ‘hood’ and street slang stuff; and I’m probably the whitest person you’ll ever meet (I’m the inspiration for Carlton’s character from ‘the fresh prince of Bel Air’)- whenever Rickey and i sit down for a power chat I have a GOD DAMN blast. 

sometimes i get nervous, cuz there are so many things i wanna ask him about technology, business, power playing and (as Rickey would say) “taking my shit to the next level”! the dude is constantly doing things, collaborating on projects, bringing people together, and inspiring me to be the best i can be!

and for that….I’ve elected Rickey Kim: dude of the day!

the boys at mayfair:

on a lighter note, here are two boys i met the other day at mayfair market on franklin! i was leaving the store and the taller of the two, with some very intense piercings, asked me if i had a boyfriend and told me i was a bodacious babe! how could i NOT get an interview for you guys! xo

boycrazy video- the boys at mayfair: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

party in an alley:

i heard about some party in santa monica. when i got there, i realized i was standing in the middle of an alley, but then i spotted wylie! wylie’s in a hip happenin’ band called DAWES! wylie is gorgeous. somebody needs to call juergen teller STAT and get this guy in a marc jacobs ad! one day, i’ll get taylor from dawes on here too. until then, click their band link (‘love is all i am’ is TOTALLY about me) and watch the video i made! xo

boycrazy video- party in an alley: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

too bummed to blog:

have you ever let a boy affect you to the point of tears? ever felt unwanted or unloved? ever felt let down/empty and betrayed by a boy cuz you put WAY more passion/love/feeling into him than he does you? ever cared so much more/were affected so much more by him then he was by you? well, enough’s enough! it’s like that saying in the final scene of labyrinth, when jennifer connaly has the epiphany and says to david bowie ‘you have no power over me’. well, jennifer connaly’s never spoken truer words to me through a movie IN MY WHOLE LIFE! MY WHOLE LIFE GOD DAMN IT! 

if the guy you’re pining over is an aloof, cold, monster that doesn’t show any emotion- and always leaves you feeling empty and wanting more; break up with him, cheat on him, or make a video of yourself crying and send it to him!!! by the time you’re done, you’ll feel way better. i know i did! if he can’t drive over to los feliz from santa monica every once in a while, imagine what he won’t do for you in the future. the world is big! there are soooo many dudes in echo park/the lower east side! and life is long (IF you don’t get in a car accident, die of aids cancer, or OD on heroin percocet crack cocaine vicodins. RIIIIIGHT!)

i don’t care if he wears dark denim jeans and super awesome american apparel button down shirts (please click THIS link to buy one, you’d be a fool NOT to)– if that’s the limit of what he has to give you in this relationship, then that MUST be the end point of your relationship ladies! full stop! in my case, the guy i’m dating thought my video (see below) was just a hilarious joke. i sure hope he doesn’t find out about my b.l.o.g.) xo

boycrazy video: sad girl, AKA, too bummed to blog from alexi wasser on Vimeo.